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Essential Collection
Silky Straight
Halo V1

18" Bohyme Essential - Halo V1 - Silky Straight - FINAL SALE

18" Bohyme Essential - Halo V1 - Silky Straight - FINAL SALE

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Weight - 114 Grams
Pieces Per Pack
- 1
Hair Material
- Remi®
Hair Texture - Medium
Hair Touch/Feel -
Weft Length -
Installation Level / Activity -
Quick Installation & Removal


Experience adjustable volume with the Bohyme Halo - a unique extension with a removable section allowing you to customize its volume. Applying these Halo extensions is a breeze, taking just minutes for a secure and instant transformation. The clips are thoughtfully designed with rubber attachments to prevent slipping, while the discreet wire can be easily tailored to your crown. Crafted from 100% Remi human hair, these Bohyme Halos offer the freedom to wash and style them alongside your own natural hair.

Benefits of Bohyme Remy Halo V1 Hair Extensions
Instant Volume and Length: Whether you're aiming for luscious length or added volume, halo extensions offer a quick solution to transform your hair within minutes. The clip-in nature of halo extensions prevents damage to your natural hair, as there's no need for glue, tape, or heat styling. The use of Remi human hair and the design of the halo extension create a seamless blend, making it difficult to discern between your natural hair and the extension. From casual days to special occasions, halo extensions can be easily styled to suit any look, from sleek ponytails to romantic curls. Unlike permanent extensions, Bohyme Halo V1 hair extensions can be removed and stored when not in use, minimizing the maintenance required.

Each package includes 3 spare clips and an extra invisible wire for your convenience.

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Halo V1

Bohyme® Halo features a detachable section that can adjust the volume of the extension to your taste! Our Halos are ideal for special occasions, weddings, work, up-do's, braids, and more. We especially love them for everyday use because they provide an instant style and give bounce, volume, and length to any look. 

Clips have rubber attachments that prevent slippage and the invisible wire can be adjusted to fit your crown. Made with 100% Remi human hair, our Halos can be washed and styled like your natural hair. Comes with 3 replacement clips and one replacement invisible wire.

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Essential Collection

At Bohyme®, we pride ourselves in crafting only the most exquisite extensions and have developed distinctive capsule collections to serve both the professional and everyday user. 

Our Essential Collection was specifically engineered to allow both non-professionals and hairdressers the ability to quickly add length and volume with versatile clip-ins, tape-ins, and halo extensions. Each extension is damage-free and blends seamlessly for any occasion. Our hair is made with 100% Remi Human Hair as your hair is an essential extension of you!

Quick Install

Provides natural-looking, professional-grade, quick installation without a trip to the salon.

Easy Customization

Easily customizable to add volume, color and length for any occasion.


Easy and versatile application, free of damage to the hair and scalp.

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Silky Straight

Silky Straight stands out as one of Bohyme's® most sought-after and iconic styles. Renowned for its effortless maintenance and adaptability, it effortlessly transitions between various looks, from gentle and romantic to polished and edgy.

With its unparalleled smoothness and straightness, it exudes a luxurious, captivating texture reminiscent of silk threads. Radiating with a glossy sheen, it beautifully captures and reflects light, elevating any style. Ideal for achieving sleek, straight looks with minimal effort, it requires little maintenance to maintain its beauty. Moreover, it possesses the versatility to be styled into curls or any desired texture, offering endless possibilities for creativity and personal expression.

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