Bohyme® Hair Length Guide

Use the Bohyme® Length Guide to get an approximate length for choosing hair extensions. Please note that while the length is consistent, that it will appear to be longer or shorter depending on the height of the model used in the chart and the varying length of the neck and torso. Also please keep in mind that the technique used together with the start and end point of attaching the extensions can impact the final length.

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14 inch 16 inch 18 inch 22 inch 26 inch 32 inch

Model Height: 5.4 feet
Hair Texture: Silky Striaght
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French Refined Curl 10 inch 12 inch 14 inch 16 inch 18 inch 22 inch

Model Height: 5.5 feet
Hair Texture: Bohyme® French Refined Curl
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Egyptian Wave 10 inch 12 inch 14 inch 16 inch 18 inch 22 inch

Model Height: 5.2 feet
Hair Texture: Bohyme® Egyptian Wave
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