The True Origins of Remi®

Fashion World Ent., Inc. aka Bohyme was the first to implement a method for preserving hair cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional way, creating the most natural looking and feeling hair on the market. In 2001, the term REMI® was introduced into the hair industry and set the new standard for hair extensions. Today, the term Remi®, or Remy, is one of the most widely used terms to signify high-grade quality hair.

Long respected as a pioneering force in the world of hair, Remi® was founded by the visionary Mr. Sam Hong. Shattering misconceptions about extensions, Sam revolutionized the industry when he began creating custom human hair extensions in 1978. Ever the innovator, Sam originated the term Remi®—trademarking more than a name, he fundamentally transformed the hair industry and set the standard for preserving hair cuticles.

But even though Remi® and Remi Hair® are official trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office and true marks of our parent company Fashion World, Ent., many are mystified when it comes to the origins of the term Remi and all of its variances. In fact, the misuse of the term and the widespread interpretations of the word (i.e., “Remy” or “Remy Hair”) have only added to the confusion and mystique.

So What is Remi Hair®?

Remi hair is defined as virgin hair with intact cuticles that align in the same direction. The highest quality of hair extension is referred to as Remi or Remi Hair. We are fortunate that decades later, Remi is still considered to be the Rolls Royce of the hair industry.

The Original REMI Hair® - all cuticles aligned in the same direction to prevent tangling and matting.

We care so much about our customers and we stand behind authentic REMI Hair®

REMI Hair® is full & voluminous from root to tip.

We ethically source and manufacture our hair to ensure the quality you receive is true REMI Hair®

Synonymous with quality, Remi Hair is full and voluminous from root to tip and so others have put their own twist on it and started to use the term incorrectly or infringe on the name by calling it Remy. We cannot rightfully speak on the quality of Remy or what it even means, but as a leader in the hair industry we wanted to inform stylists and the public-at-large, that Remy is not the same thing as REMI so buyer beware.

The truth is many brands outside of Fashion World, are not really selling Remi® because they do not own the intellectual property. We understand that was a mouthful, but we want to extend some clarity and finally address some of the ongoing confusion often seen on sites like Amazon. Remy hair is not the same as Remi hair.

It is important to remain informed in today’s crowded marketplace, especially when purchasing hair online. It is imperative that you understand how your hair is sourced, manufactured and distributed. At Fashion World, we place great detail into safely and ethically sourcing and manufacturing our hair to ensure the quality you receive is true Remi.

Because we care so much about our customers and stand behind authentic Remi®, if you have a question about authenticating whether or not your hair is Remi® and not counterfeit Original Remi Hair®, please email us directly.