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Bohyme offers a selection of wefts that are thin, light, and virtually undetectable to ensure extensions look and feel natural. All of these thin wefts are flat, discreet, and highly flexible. They can all be layered and are compatible with various installation methods, too.


You can create glamorous up-dos and luscious down-dos without any chance of your weft peeking through, even those with fine hair. All of our thin wefts can be worn to bring extra style to your day-to-day look or give you something special to mark an important occasion, like your wedding day.

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Discover the styles, textures, and lengths featured in each Bohyme collection. Find the perfect fit for your desired look as we unravel the distinct features of Bohyme.

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Bohyme Hand Tied Weft creation takes 3 to 5 days, hair strands are hand sewn by skilled, trained technicians onto one continuous thread and knotted securely to prevent shedding. Highly flexible, our wefts will not cause lumps at the crown or stick out from the regrowth of one's natural hair. Each 10-12 inch weft is designed to be folded over itself at the end instead trimmed. Trimming the weft will cause the weft to unravel or shed.

Bohyme Hand-Tied Hair can be heat styled and its ultra lightweight - allowing for multiple wefts to be layered for multi-dimension color blending without damage to one's natural hair. The weft is durable, long-lasting, and less visible on the scalp.


weft information

Weft can be Cut NO
Fold 1 inch folded over hair
Density light density, allow for easy color blending
Weft Size 0.76mm tall, 0.16mm thick
Weft Length each bundle is 10"-12" long
Weight 110g - 114g (4oz)
14 inch 10 bundles
18 inch 8 bundles
22 inch 6 bundles
24 inch 6 bundles
26 inch 6 bundles
Bohyme Hand Tied



Genius Weft is one of our newest wefts, that is comparable in size to Hand Tied Wefts, but is designed to give you more customization options. Incredibly thin, flat and light, making it our most customizable weft.

It's only 0.78mm thick and can be cut to size for simple customization. This weft also doesn't have any return hair, so it’s more comfortable for those with sensitive scalps. High density can be challenging to add extra dimension of color, but can be combined with Hand Tied Wefts for easier color blending.

weft information

Weft can be Cut YES
Fold no folded over hair
Density high density
Weft Size Luxe: 1.71mm tall, 0.78mm thick
Ethos: 1.83mm tall, 0.84mm thick
Weft Length ~ 35 inches
Weight 14": ~ 70g
16": ~ 80g
18": ~ 88g
22": ~ 100g
Bundle Per Pack 1 bundle
Bohyme Factory1



Bohyme Seamless Weft™ is a lightweight weft that allows the ease of customizing based on individual client needs. Created using revolutionary technology, Seamless Weft™ eliminates many factors that can cause irritation or matting at the scalp. This unique weft has zero return hairs. The weft can be cut to any desires width without fraying.

This weft can be cut for unlimited customization and stacked for fuller installations and easier color blending. Seamless Weft™ lays flat against the scalp and measures just 0.8mm thick.



Created in a similar way as Seamless Weft, but much smaller, more flat and more flexible. Just like the entire Ethos® collection, this weft is made with the highest quality 100% Remi® has ethically sources from the northwest region of Yunnan province in China. This straight, smooth texture is soft as silk and shines like gloss.

weft information

Weft can be Cut YES
Fold no folded over hair
Density medium density, allows for easy color blending
Weft Size Seamless Weft: 6.1mm tall, 0.8mm thick
Weft Size Unlimited Seamless Weft: 3.82mm tall, 0.73mm thick
(lays even more flat than Hand Tied Weft)
Weft Length Unlimited Seamless Weft: 18": 50"-58"
Unlimited Seamless Weft: 22": 40"-48"
Seamless Weft: 14": 94"-95"
Seamless Weft: 18": 62"-67"
Seamless Weft: 22": 60"-64"
Weight 110g - 114g (4oz)
Bohyme Unlimited Seamless Weft



Bohyme Machine Tied Wefts are 30% thinner than the industry standard. These durable wefts are created using bulk or loose hair that is fed through a triple-head sewing machine. Prior to two individual wefts being merged together, hair is folded and sewn at the root, adding a reinforced stitch to ensure durability and prevent shedding. This technique also allows to create exceptional back-o-back color blends and form one strong and flexible double-sided weft.

Our Machine Tied Wefts are durable and adjustable, and making the wefts easy to use and able to handle many differently types of installation methods, with the same quality of the hair that Bohyme is known for.



Our newest weft brings together Machine Tied and Hand Tied wefts. Durable and strong like a Machine Tied weft, but with the look and soft feel of a Hand Tied weft, M-Tied is extremely thin and can be cut at any point. It measures only 0.8mm thick.

weft information

Weft can be Cut YES
Fold ~ 1 inch of folded over hair
Density Ethos M-tied: medium density, allows for color blending
Original Machine Tied: high density, perfect
to create volume or add length
Weft Size Ethos M-tied: 2.65mm tall, 0.8mm thick
(lays flat as Hand Tied or Genius Weft)
Original Machine Tied: 3.3mm tall, 1.62mm thick
Weft Length Ethos M-tied: ~ 98"
Original Machine Tied 10": ~ 78"-81"
Original Machine Tied 12": ~ 77"-80"
Original Machine Tied 14": ~ 71"-75"
Original Machine Tied 16": ~ 64"-68"
Original Machine Tied 18": ~ 62"-67"
Original Machine Tied 22": ~ 60"-64"
Original Machine Tied 26": ~ 52"-57"
Weight 110g - 114g (4oz)
Bundle Per Pack 1 bundle
Bohyme Machie Tied Hair