Bohyme® Style & Texture

Bohyme® waves are created through a non-chemical process. Hair is wrapped around different sized wands based on the desired style. These wands are then placed in temperature-controlled chambers where the heat is closely monitored. This non-invasive method ensures that the hair remains healthy and stays close to its natural state. Also, thanks to the non-chemical process, the waves look far more natural.

texture guide

silky straight

The straightest and smoothest texture of all the styles. As soft as silk thread, it perfectly reflects the light and shines like gloss. Great for silky sleek straight looks, easy to maintain and take care of. Does not require any styling to keep them looking beautiful, but can also be styled into curls or any other texture.

mink yaki

Fine, smooth texture that is slightly coarser than the Silky Straight. This hair emulates the look and feel of naturally relaxed hair. The right amount of texture gives the hair an airy touchable feel and flawless look. Can be curled for long lasting waves or curls, or flat ironed for a more silky appearance.

Bohyme textured straight

textured straight

Straight and coarse hair texture with great body and movement, delivering the luster of freshly relaxed hair. The most versatile. High on sheen, natural fullness and bounce.

Bohyme Saharian Smooth

saharian smooth

Textured, full of body and sheen. Soft to the touch and easy to manage. This coarse style can be worn naturally straight, wavy or curly. Long lasting volume and richness.

body wave

The same texture as Silky Straight. Feminine, light-weight, bouncy and voluminous hair with a loose “S” curl for a soft, natural look. Ideal for creating sexy down-do's and modern, loose up-do's. Easily manageable and ideal for most hair types.

Bohyme Natural Body

natural body

Slightly more texture hair than body wave, with a soft wave towards the ends. Wear as-is or heat style into beautiful bouncy curls or straighten for a silky look. The waves will straighten out in time leaving a unique soft touch that's natural looking.

loose wave

Lightly coarse hair with a slight waves that can be styled in many ways. Tousled & touchable, these soft, natural waves are perfect for dreamy looks. Loose Wave offers looser waves with less spiral curl than French Refined, but curlier, more defined waves than Body Wave.

natural curl

Lightly coarse hair with a unique curly pattern delicate waves in 1/4 length close to the weft that transition to bouncy curls.

ocean breeze

Smooth texture, with strong sharp curls that break up into rippling waves. Slightly coarser than the French Body, this hair can be styled to have long lasting beach waves.

bohyme eqyptian wave

egyptian wave

Smooth texture, with soft curls that break up into rippling waves. Slightly coarser than the French Body, this hair can be styled to have long lasting beach waves.

Bohyme Soft Wave

soft wave

Beautiful soft, wavy texture with lots of body and bounce. Beautifully relaxed delivering endless possibilities and manipulation for styling. An ideal wavy style for those wanting natural body. Can be curled for more depth and texture, or straighten for a sleek and modern look.

Bohyme French Body

french body

A soft texture with more depth in the waves. This hair gives a natural feel and look. Soft and loose at the top, yet voluminous and wavy at the bottom.

Bohyme Deep Wave

deep wave

Well-defined, spiral curls delivering Amazonian curves and waves. Offers endless options to create and enhance texture. Very easy to maintain. Great for those who like a permed-look that retains its curl pattern.

Bohyme french refined

french refined

Irresistibly soft, spiral curl texture that looks tousled and natural. Also ideal for achieving soft straight styles. French Refined is our most versatile extension.

Bohyme brazilian wave

brazilian wave

The coarsest style available. Soft, natural, beautiful curls that resemble natural African American curly hair. Extremely versatile and easy to manage. When wet, the hair becomes a deeper curl texture. When straightened, looks like the Saharian Smooth style.

Bohyme tight Curl

tight curl

The most curly texture. Super tight and bouncy curls that are soft and easy to manage. This style features thick, perfectly formed tight curls adding all the bounce and volume.

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