Bohyme® Color Guide

Colors are created using a high food grade colors and in a mild bath formula for 21-40 days to ensure the cuticles stay intact and the hair receives much less damage. Many other hair companies bleach and color in days, which doesn't preserve the health of the hair. The only hair in Bohyme's collection that hasn't altered for color is Birth Remi.

We test thousands of color tones a year with the support and input from Bohyme professionals worldwide. The high grade Remi Hair® allows for dyes to penetrate the healthy, intact cuticles for long lasting, pure colors. Combining the high quality hair with our gentle slow, methodical processes, creates blends exclusive to Bohyme.

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what do numbers & letters stands for?

Solid color 6
solid colors

Solid color - one single color from the roots to the ends of the hair with no dimension and the color is fluid throughout all of the hair.

Color D27/30
D - layered highlight colors

One Color is laid on top of another to mimic the effect of highlights. Because of the layering process, it's only available in Machine Tied Wefts.

Color Mixed M4/30
m - mixed blend colors

References both Hand Tied & Machine Tied Weft colors. Mostly solid color with soft dimensions of a secondary color.

color R5/R5/18A
r - rooted colors

2.5" - 3.5" root color (1st color); highlights on the rest of the color

Color Ombre T2/BL22
T - ombre colors

A gradual transition from one color to another

  • 14" hair-1st color 4"; including transition color
  • 18" hair-1st color 5"; including transition color
  • 22" & 26" hair-1st color 7-8"; including transition color
  • Color BL22
    blonde colors

    Available in ashy, warm & platinum blonde colors

  • 60 is the most platinum
  • BL60 is cooler and ashy
  • BL60A is the most cool and ashy
  • Color Highlight H18/BL22
    h - piano key style highlight colors

    Avialable in all products except of Machine Tied Wefts, where highlights are more blended, because of layering technique.

    color T18A/BL22/BL60
    "Tri colors" - balayage colors

    Soft highlights blend the top & bottom colors where they meet for a seamless transition. Similar to Ombre but transitions between the colors are more blended.

  • 14" hair-1st color 4"; including transition color
  • 18" hair-1st color 5"; including transition color
  • 22" & 26" hair-1st color 7-8"; including transition color
  • color comparison guide

    Color Shades Color Names
    Dark Colors 1, 1B, 2, 3, 4
    Red Colors 30E, 31, 32, 33, 35
    Brown Colors 30, 5, 6, 8, 8A
    Light Brown/Ashy Colors 10, 8, BL9, 7, GREY
    Medium to Light Brown Colors 18, 12, 14, 10, 14A
    Light Blonde Colors BL22, BL613, BL60, 613, 24
    Medium Blonde Colors BL16, 16, 14B, 27, 16
    Ashy Colors BL27, 18, 8, BL18
    Blonde Blend Colors(Traditional Weft) DBL14/24, D16/22, DBL14/BL22, D27/BL613, D22/27
    Blonde Blend Colors(Traditional Weft) DBL18/BL22, D18/BL22, D14/24, D14/BL22, D27/30
    Color Shades Color Names
    Blonde/Brown Blend Colors(Traditional Weft) D10/18, D27/30, D6/BL22, D10/16, D6/27
    Blonde Blend Colors(Hand-Tied vs Traditional Weft) D18/BL22, H18/BL22
    Blonde/Brown Blend Colors(Hand-Tied Exclusive) H18/BL22, H14/24, H10/16, H27/30
    Blonde Blend Colors(Hand-Tied Exclusive) H24/BL613, H27/BL613, H22/27, H16/22
    Dark Brown Blend Colors D4/BL22, D4/27, M4/30, H4/30, D4/30, D1B/30
    Ombre Colors T6/BL22, T8A/BL22, T2/30, T2/BL22, T1B/30
    Highlighted vs Mixed Blends D1B/33, M2/33
    Rooted Colors R8A/8A/BL22, R4/18/BL22
    Red Ombre Colors T1B/330, T1B/RED

    These specific colors were only selected to show the differences between the tones. To see the fill range of colors that Bohyme has to offer, please purchase

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    dark colors

    brown colors

    red colors

    highlighted vs mixed blends · blend bolors(hand-tied vs traditional weft)

    dark brown blend colors

    ombre colors

    rooted colors · red ombre colors