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Classic Collection
Curls 12"
Top Piece + Closure

12" Bohyme Classic - Top Piece Closure - Curls

12" Bohyme Classic - Top Piece Closure - Curls

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Weight - 40 Grams
Pieces Per Pack
- 1
Hair Material
- Remi®
Hair Texture - Medium
Hair Touch/Feel -
Installation Level / Activity -
Semi Permanent
Recommended Amount -


The Bohyme Classic Curly Closure is one of the best and most convenient ways to create versatile looks and protect the hair line. We use the highest quality 100% Remi human hair and materials to ensure extreme comfort and aid in styling preferences. The Luxe Curly Closure blends in with the rest of the hair to add ability to wear parts and increase the number of hairstyles possible. The Luxe Curly Closure has very soft straight hair with a slight hint of texture. Each closure is guaranteed to blend and part with the rest of the hair to aid in styling.

Styling Tips: This closure can be used as a side part, on the crown, to cover thin areas, or to create bangs.

- Increase in hair volume
- Breathable/airy mono base
- Clip attachments have been reinforced for more durability

Cap Size - 3.5" x 4.5"
Hair Length - 12"

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Bohyme Hair Washing

Wash hair every 2 to 3 days. The longer you can go between washes the longer your hair will last. Thoroughly wet hair with warm water and gently run a mild shampoo and conditioner down extensions, starting from the roots and ending at the tips. We recommend a sulfate-free shampoo or Bohyme® Rejuvenating Shampoo. Avoid rubbing hair vigorously to avoid unnecessary tangling. Rinse and apply conditioner (near the tips), and allow the conditioner to sit for 5 minutes before rinsing. Gently towel dry hair then spray leave-in conditioner and brush.

Bohyme Hair Washing

Brushing is very important. Brush your hair before and after washing. Use a wide-toothed comb or a boar bristle brush starting at the ends and working your way up. Hold your hair in a low ponytail or hold the hair at the bonds while brushing out the ends to prevent excessive pulling. Brush in sections to make sure your hair is brushed up to the attachment area. Do not snag the beads/bonds which can cause damage to your natural hair. Failure to section and brush out thoroughly can lead to matting near the root. Brush the hair gently to avoid napping the ends, which can cause the hair to shed prematurely from the wefts/bonds. Light shedding is normal.

Bohyme Hair brushing
Drying & Styling

Use dry shampoo between wet washing to prevent oil build-up, which can cause premature slippage of tape-in extensions. Use a leave-in conditioner daily (Bohyme® Leave-in Hair Reconstructor) to help detangle and hydrate extensions. Your extensions will react to heat just like your own natural hair. You may use all the common tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers for styling, and apply heat protectant before styling. Keep irons or blow dryers away from bead/tape/bond areas, and use lower settings on any heat appliances. Avoid excessive heat which can dry out and/or damage the hair. When using conditioners, waxes, gels, serums, or oils, avoid contact with the bond areas and use only from mid-length to the ends of extensions. Avoid finishing products that contain alcohol.


We do not recommend the use of any dye, toner, bleach, perm, keratin, or straightening solutions, which can damage hair. Keep hair pulled back in a low ponytail during sports and water activities. Do not wear your hair in a bun or braid while swimming, which can lead to knotting. Before entering the pool or ocean immerse your hair in fresh water so it is less likely to fill with salt or chlorine water which can dry out the hair. After getting out of the water spray the leave-in conditioner, brush your hair out thoroughly, and allow your hair to hair dry. When sleeping, a satin pillowcase will help prevent tangling, and leave your hair smoother and your complexion softer. Never sleep with wet hair and never let dry without brushing.

Top Piece + Closure

Bohyme® Luxe and Classic closures give you a simple way to protect your hairline, while adding fullness to your scalp and crown. Wear as a topper by attaching with clips or adhesives, such as tape. They can also be used to finish your sew-in hair extensions or when creating a wig on a weaving cap!

A comfortable, breathable lace base is hand-ventilated, so the hair can be parted in any direction for better blending and increased style versatility. Place the cap in any direction for more precise coverage.

Classic Collection

We pride ourselves in crafting only the most exquisite extensions and have developed distinctive capsule collections to serve both the professional and everyday user. Our Bohyme Classic Collection showcases an array of installation methods for every hair stylist to use.

Top Quality

High-Grade Chinese Remi Human Hair, with cuticles in tact and equally aligned.

Extensive Selection

Widest range and variety among weft types, textures, color and length.

Experienced Use

Suited for experienced users and hair professionals alike.

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Curls 12"


  • Create a side part
  • Cover thin areas
  • Classic and Luxe collections
  • Curly Style
  • 12” length
  • 100% Remi® human hair
  • Measures 3.5” x 4.5”