The Bohyme™ Luxe Collection encapsulates our exclusive, top-tier extensions for professional salon users only. Read More about our Hand-Tied Silky Straight below. 

Hand-tied Silky Straight

BLHST •  Luxe Hand-Tied

The Hand-Tied Silky Straight is a timeless classic in the Bohyme™ Luxe Collection.  Stylists can easily style and maintain this look for their clients.  The Silky Straight offers a versatile style that can help create endless amounts of exquisite looks.  The Hand-Tied Silky Straight has an intricate and durable weft, which helps to create a less invasive and more natural look.

Available Length: 14", 18", 22"

  • 14” = 10 Bundles

  • 18” = 8 Bundles

  • 22” = 6 Bundles

Weight: 110-114 Grams (4oz)

Available Colors: