Adhesive hair extensions (also known astape-in extensions)  have become extremely popular due to their easy application method. Tape hair extensions, like clip-in extensions require no professional hair stylist to install and can be applied at the comfort of your own home.

Tape-in hair extensions are thinner in application which some individuals may find more comfortable. If well taken care of, hair extensions can be reused many times by replacing the tape adhesives.

Tape-In hair extensions are held in place by double-sided tape that is applied by placing two pieces of the adhesive tape together, with your natural hair sitting in between. The process can take minutes without any prior experience with extensions. 

Tape-In Installation Guide

Prep: Before getting started, make sure your hair is clean, dry and brushed out before installing tape-ins. If applying tape-ins for the first time, proceed to the first step. If you are reusing tape-ins, remember to have replacement tape strips handy. 

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Create a horizontal part to place the skin weft at your preferred location.
Remove the protective film from the skin weft tape.
Attach your ideal amount of skin weft close to your scalp, but not on your actual scalp (press firmly).
Lift the skin weft and your natural hair and make another horizontal part below.
Attach the remaining skin weft underneath.
Insert your natural hair between the two skin weft sections you created and press firmly.
Continue to apply remaining skin weft in needed areas.

Professional-grade adhesives give you good hold. While we recommend having a hair professional install the tape ins, they can be applied & removed at home. Our tape in extensions won't damage natural hair and they can be reused by replacing the tape.

Check out all the Essential Tape In colors, including highlights & rooted shades!

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Get a Thicker Hairline in Minutes

Extension specialist, Maggie Gee of Sugar Hair Salon demonstrates effective techniques to add volume and length to thinning hair.

If you have a Bohyme account, you can purchase Essential Tape Ins here. If not, you can apply for an account or purchase from one of our Authorized Distributors.

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