We love to shine the spotlight on stylists, especially when they do something really cool!  Like when Janae of Janae Extensions does an entire photoshoot with Bohyme® hair and some of her gorgeous extensions clients to showcase her styling skills! Check out the results below!

Look at this color variety!

Models from Left to Right: @kristina_holdener, @teale_stacey10, _mylawknee, @gabriellaa_dann, @damn_jesss, @cheyennew22

After nearly 20 years of hair experience, Janae knows its important to invest in your career. She uses photoshoots to show her work in new, creative and interesting ways. Not only does a photoshoot show your styling skills, it can also help develop a look and image for your personal brand. Tell your story, show off your specialty by telling a story with photos. Although photoshoots are time-consuming and costly, Janae believes they’re worth it.

This was Janae’s first photoshoot after relocating from Sacramento to Yuba City, California and the first since COVID. With 3-4 years of experience with sew-in wefts. she was ready to show her work and show off her beautiful real-life extensions clients.

"Photoshoots are good for business, especially with social media becoming more and more important. You have to capture examples of your work and you should get them shot professionally." For this photoshoot Janae worked with @wemadelocal and @peachylemonsphotography.

"Photoshoots take a lot of time and money, but they're worth it. It's an investment in your business. Stylists still often rely on word of mouth to get new business, so having a portfolio is super important."

"If you don't capture your work, there's nothing to keep in your hand and look back on. There's no way to see what you've done. These images show what I created and I can have them forever. Over time, these images show the evolution of my career."

The plan for this photoshoot was to show a variety of hair colors, styles and rows used. To make sure the hair stayed in the spotlight, all the models wore black dresses. Make-up was on the darker side to complement fall and winter. All the models are her real-life clients from K Studio Salon.

She even installed extensions on the salon's owner, Kristina Holdener. "I've worked at studio salons before, but K Studio feels like home." (We love when stylists find THEIR salon!)

While Janae continues to grow her client base, we're proud to count Janae as one of our clients. "I've tried other extensions brands, but I've always gone back to Bohyme®. I first worked with the Classic collection for a long time, but eventually I wanted to offer clients more options, so I started purchasing from the Luxe collection. The hair quality has always been good and that means I can custom color the extensions any which way I want and the quality is still there. The hair is always beautiful and lasts long."

We love to hear the creative and smart ways stylists improve their business! How do you get new clients or promote your extensions services? Let us know in the comments or send us a message! We’d love to put the spotlight on you, too!

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