Summer is filled with fun and sun that can leave your hair extensions looking less than flawless. A good maintenance routine specifically designed for the season can help ensure you're looking fabulous and protecting your hair. Laura Mae, salon owner, extensions specialist & one of our favorite Bohyme® brand ambassadors, shares her favorite summer extension care tips!

Laura Mae suggests having honest discussions with clients about maintaining gorgeous hair extensions through the summer months. "Open communication between stylists and clients is crucial," she advises. "Don't be afraid to lay out the extra upkeep needed to keep extensions looking flawless when temperatures rise. Simple but essential steps like proper washing, avoiding excessive sun exposure, and using the right products can make a big difference. My advice is to have clear conversations managing clients' expectations for summer extension care from the start."

She also recommends giving clients guidance about caring for extensions at the beach. "Salt water and sand can wreak havoc on extensions if you're not careful. Before any beach trips, advise your clients to braid or put their hair up to minimize tangling from wind and water. Have them rinse extensions thoroughly after ocean swimming to remove salt residue. A little preparation goes a long way in protecting their extensions from beach-related damage."

Laura Mae adds, "My advice is to have clear conversations managing clients' expectations for summer extension care from the start, including best practices for beach days."

Take Care With Tangles

Use a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing leave-in treatment to keep extensions from getting tangled and dried out. Apply a generous amount at the ends and move up towards the lengths. If you're wearing hand-tied extensions, massage the product into the roots. But, AVOID the roots if you have tape-in or keratin hair extensions installed because it can damage the bonds.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays aren't so great for your skin or your hair extensions. Apply a UVA/UVB hair protectant to your hair before heading out into the sun. Reapply the product throughout the day if you're spending hours outside, especially before and after getting into the water.

Pro tip: Add a sun hat! Not only will you look fabulous, you'll be adding protection to your hair from UV rays and helping prevent dryness.

Wet Your Hair Before Swimming (& After)

Summer often means hanging out by the pool or beach, but chlorine and salt water definitely don't mix well with hair extensions. Before you take a dip, wet your extensions with clean tap water and saturate with a generous amount of conditioner. This will help your hair from soaking up excessive salt or chlorine. After swimming, immediately wash your hair with a chlorine-removing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.

Braids & Buns Are Essential

Minimize tangling and also help protect your strands from the sun's rays by putting your hair in a low bun or loose braid.

Stay Hydrated

All that hot summer sun can make your hair extensions drier. Use serums to boost moisture, just avoid applying it near the wefts, bonds or tapes to help prevent slippage. Start applying serum near the ends and move upwards for the best results. Double check the ingredients in your serums. Many contain salts and alcohol that in the hot summer sun will only make your hair drier and brittle.

Cut Down On Hair Washing

Extensions don't receive the natural oils from your scalp to stay hydrated, so only wash your hair when absolutely necessary. Two to three times a week is more than enough, and if you can handle even less, go for it! Only wash the roots. The water and shampoo that runs over your ends is enough to keep them clean.

Take A Break From The Heat

Hot weather means giving heat tools and styling a rest. The heat of summer is taxing enough on your locks. Instead, try heatless curls for added waviness or wrap your hair in  silk scarves for cute, colorful style.

Beware Of Body Lotions & Sunscreens

Avoid lotion, including sunscreen, near extensions. They can damage the tape and bonds that keep extensions secure. Wash your hands after applying to avoid accidentally leaving any residue in your hair.

Sunscreen is a summer must! But, it's not so compatible with hair extensions, especially the blonde ones. Make sure to use a sunscreen that does NOT contain avobenzone. This ingredient can stain extensions and turn them a peachy-pink color (not in a good way) that's almost impossible to reverse.



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