Q: How-To Swim With Extensions


In an attempt to debunk hair extension myths and answer some burning hair Q’s, we’re addressing a few concerns our Bohyme-ians have asked about in a new Hair Extensions Q&A Series.

To get started, we’re launching with the question: “How Do I Swim With Hair Extensions?” and at the same time addressing the ever popular “Can I Even Swim With Hair Extensions?” conundrum. We promise these tips will make you wanna VaCay whatever the season.

Well, first things first, YOU CAN SWIM WITH HAIR EXTENSIONS! Don’t be afraid to take a pool or ocean dip on your vacation! And yes, gymnasium pools are all good, too! (Check out this post on tips for wearing extensions and working out!). Quality, real hair extensions like ours offer some strong key benefits including the ability to swim in them. You just need to follow some key takeaways and slight precautions. Here are the hard and fast rules for swimming with extensions.

Prepare Before Your Swim

Wetting your hair with clean water and applying conditioner will provide some protection by creating a barrier against the harsh chemicals or ocean water. Also, it will keep your hair from soaking up the sunscreen or other Lotion from your face and body. Remember to avoid shampoos and conditioners with Moroccan Oil, alcohol, sulfates and parabens.

If you swim regularly, we highly recommend wearing a swim cap to protect your hair. Before swimming, prep your hair by always wetting it with clean water and adding conditioner to your extensions (2”/5cm down from the attachment to the ends of hair).

We recommend braiding your hair, then placing it a swim cap or shower cap (we love this one). If you forgot to bring a swim cap, at the minimum wet your hair, apply conditioner, and braid it or clip it up. Try to keep your hair above water whenever possible.

Cleansing After Your Swim

Shampoo and condition your hair as soon as possible after you finish swimming. Use a cleansing shampoo to remove debris, dead skin cells, body oil, and dirt, such as dust and pollutants from the surrounding environment. Remember to brush your hair thoroughly before shampooing and conditioning using a bristle brush, a loop brush, or a soft rounded wide tooth comb.

Protect Against The Elements

When out in the sun or on the beach, use a sun hat or bandana to protect your strands and scalp from the elements. Furthermore, this will prevent the sun from drying out your extensions and causing color fade. Wearing hats also prevent sand and nature particles from penetrating into the attachments of your extensions.

Keep In Mind

As a last take away, you can enjoy the beach and have that gorgeous beach hair—just be aware that the sun, ocean water, sand, and chlorine from swimming pools can result in hair tangling and matting. Sand can also find its way into the attachments of your hair extensions and start loosening them. We always remind our users to be mindful and gentle. Be good to your extensions, and they’ll be good to you.