This *Adhesive Release* is a Game Changer

Attention extension-lovers and hair professionals! Bohyme™ is launching a game-changer in the world of tape extensions!

Our NEW Adhesive Release quickly & effectively removes all adhesive bonds from your scalp and taped-extensions!

The revolutionary, fast-acting solution not only safely removes all tape residue in a matter of minutes—it also allows extension users to take off an old tape strip, reapply a new tape strip, and reuse the SAME hair! Although we recommend a visit to the salon (Adhesive Release is recommended for professional use only), our safe formulation allows for the extended usage of pre-purchased extensions!

If you've been on the fence about trying taped-extensions, are intimidated by the cost of extensions, or think they will damage your natural hair, then consider our Adhesive Release to be your liquid courage to give taped-extensions a whirl. 

We designed our innovative solution with the stylist and extension wearer in mind to elongate the use of tape-ins (especially our Bohyme™ Adhesive Skin-Wefts). The easy-to-spray, alcohol based formula seamlessly breaks down all adhesive buildup on the scalp-and the actual extension-for a uniquely clean approach to removing-and-reusing extensions. We consider that so fresh and so clean, clean! Have Q's? We're all ears!