Four Fall Hair Trends To Warm Up To RN

We live for fall fashion, don't you? And one of the key elements of getting your fall statement right is all about THE HAIR!

Here, we help break down four of our fave trends for Fall 2017. Read on to get our tips on how make these runway looks your own. 

Boxer Braid 3.0

Consider this look a cross between the boxer braid of last summer and an elevated street style pony. All party in the front, but business in the back, makes this dressed-up faux hawk both party and office appropriate. GTL by sectioning off three top skinny braids at the crown and finishing the look with a roped sleek pony. Remember the longer the better!


We've been seeing hair accessories take center stage this year and fall is no exception. GTL by gathering a faceted gem at the front to highlight statement frames or a statement brow. Minimal is key when it comes to the hairstyle itself to keep the look ultra modern. We love super long hair with this look (especially one that cascades behind the shoulders like the photo above).

Fit To Be Tied

Strings in neutrals and colored fabrics are an unexpected way to whimsically adorn and tie-back the hair. We wouldn't be shocked if chromed-colored craft wiring soon becomes a thing, too. Think crafty without being cutesy, or too homemade.


The 'snatched look' isn't just for highlighting and low-lighting your cheekbones. Get lifted with sculpted hair that's sleeked to the Gods. Keep the pony un-done low at the neck, or add working gel throughout the ends. GTL of a sleek bun by twisting your ponytail at the nape and letting it coil into a figure-8 bun. Pin in place and work!

What's your favorite look for fall? Chime in below and let us know. 

Front image:credit ELLE