The Birth Remi®


For more than 20 years, Bohyme® has set the standard for premium Remi® hair. At the heart of our quality is ethically sourced hair, where each bundle of Birth Remi® is from individual donors that go through meticulous inspections to ensure the healthiest state of hair. Our process focuses on the most important requirements for producing high quality hair pieces for years to come.


An Incredible Experience

Birth Remi® is free from any harsh depigmentation chemicals such as bleach or ammonia. Our unprocessed hair allows our hair bundles to maintain its integrity. As each bundle is made with 100% Remi® human hair, the possibilities are endless. Unlike anything else, whether it be styling with heated tools, dyeing wild colors, or changing up your hairdo for any occasion, Birth Remi® redefines our ideas about healthy human hair.

Exquisite Weft

-Revolutionary Weft-

Birth Remi® unprocessed bundles of extensions provide an extreme level comfort due to how thin and durable the specialized single weft is.


-Meticulously Selected-

Our bundles are thoroughly checked after each step from cutting, washing, to sewing. We inspect our hair thoroughly for quality.

Plethora of Options

-accepts color readily-

Our premium grade human hair can be successfully dyed to a multitude of colors. Consult a salon professional to see what options are available.

Versatile Styles Means Endless Possibilities

All Styles

Authorized Online Distributor

 We are proud and excited to announce that Birth Remi® is available online with RevoHair


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