The Bohyme Bedhead Series: Volume 2


Hello, morning worshipers! Whether you crave a cozy bedside cuddle, a luxurious hiatus with Netflix, or breakfast-in-bed all hours of the day, we've got the hair to go with your JAM! We're big advocates of no-heat styles that are volume plenty and making second-day (or third-day) hair look fresh and fabulous! Luckily our extensions not only help build volume and length, but they also make every day a good hair day--even when lounging at home. 


That's why we created this miniseries on the ultimate bedhead hair and this second-edition is one of our faves--The Dreamy Volume Braid. And girls...we promise it is EVERYTHING. Why? We're talking ease-of-styling and instant volume heat or product needed! Also, what makes this style an instant go-to is that it allows you to maintain a blowout or day-before style without creating too much bend in the hair. This style is ideal for a full-head of hair (lucky, you!), weaves (NBR Ladies were especially looking at you!) and those who love to pop in strategic clip-in extensions (you're our kinda girl!). 

So scroll down to see why this hair tutorial will become your fast ticket to fab any day of the week. 

Step 1: Create A Pony At The Crown

This is a Pro Tip for creating easy volume, growing out your bangs, secretly adding clip-in wefts at the crown, and aiding in creating that covetable loose braid without the slippage. You'll soon grow to love a pony at the crown, we promise! Read on!

After you've created that top ponytail (we recommend using a clear elastic band), simply braid from underneath using a three strung French braiding method (your top ponytail acting as the middle strung). Another Pro Tip: Braiding from underneath creates a thicker-looking braid that pops and is anything but basic. 

Step 2: Leave As-Is Or Make It Pop!

Use the stick of a teasing comb to raise the roof on this bad girl! The best part, no styling agents were used to create this extra level of height so you can make any style last a little longer without any styling products in your hair (this is also a bonus for the longevity of your extensions). Win-Win! 

Step 3: Ease Out, Girl!

Create further dimension and texture by gently tugging at the sides along the length of your braid (or leave as-is) for further Insta-worthy drama. Your snuggle buddy will want #hairhugs all day...and night!

Tell us, will you be trying this look? What tutorial do you wish to see next? Sweet dreams!