Why We're Lit For Clips


Do you hate doing your hair some mornings? We hear ya! Even though our business is hair, we sometimes just don't feel like getting out of bed...much less doing our hair. That's where the magic of clip-ins come in.

Yep, clip-ins are great for a boatload of reason, but we're highlighting our top 5 favorite reasons in honor of our new 7 Piece Clip-In Collection launch for our Essential line today! 

Available in 7 piece varieties of our coveted body wave and silky straight styles, our clip-ins provide easy installations that are non-damaging and can be removed in an instant. 

essentialscollection (6).png


The Top 5 Reasons We LOVE Clip-Ins Now + Always

1. Clip-ins provide a quick and easy hairstyle in an instant! Think of clip-ins as an easy way to bump up any style or add a polished finish to your look. For example, got frizz? There's an extension for that (i.e., a way to cover it). Wanting to grow out layers? There's an extension for that! Want to elevate a ho-hum ponytail? There's an extension for that! Want to sleep in a bit? There's an extension for that! Just pop in added hair to go from flab to fab. It's not just about length and volume anymore. Clip-ins provide easy (wanted!) drama for the everyday.



2. Clip-ins allow you to skip a wash! Second-day and third-day hair is pretty ideal for creating up-do's, but what about when you simply just don't want to wash your hair?! Mask dirtier hair with clip-ins to give your hair a fresh, revived look in a flash. Clips also give life to braids these days so there's an added win!

3. Clip-ins add length! Let's face it, clips provide that full voluminous look that's so extra these days. From the Kardashians to your fave Insta star, added length is the way to go when you want to make a statement. And who doesn't want to make a statement?!

4. Clip-Ins add volume like nobody's business. And we say nobody's business because no one needs to know. With our traceless, easy-to-DIY extensions, no one should be the wiser. Add fullness to the sides (clip-ins are great for half-updos) or add volume from root to tip. Best of all, you can instantly transform a lob into a celeb-worthy lob in an instant with clips. Fall we're ready for 'ya!

5. Clips allow you to play with color without commitment or damage! Clips also allow you to experiment with color (especially trendy ones) without the costly salon visits. Change your look on a whim and remove it just as fast. Fall is the perfect time to experiment with doses of warm or strong colors to play up your look. 

What about you? Are you looking to have fun with extensions? Let's hear your thoughts. Share below or on our Insta feed


'Til next time, beautiful!