The Ins (And Never Outs) Of The Lob

We say "the ins and never outs" because there's no way this style is going anywhere, anytime soon! From Kim Kardashian to Lauren Conrad, there's varying lengths, layers and cuts but the end result is always the same...volume, volume, volume. Isn't it suprising though that with a cut this major, many of the celebs sporting it seem to only have acquired more hair?!

Sure a bold cut like the lob can naturally add fullness but we venture to guess many of the celebs sporting these styles are also rocking extensions...and several even Bohyme we dare speculate! Reason being? Notice how many of these starlets have thickness from root to tip, where perhaps they may not have before. Extensions aren't for just adding length, volume and thickness are just as important. Many consumers and stylists come to us because they are seeking great quality, natural (and natural looking!) hair to maximize hair thickness and get that added weight we all crave.

Here we highlight our top three favorite celebs rocking different forms of the lob and our suggested products for acquiring a similar look.

Jennifer Lopez

credit  Instyle

credit Instyle

As we reported before, Jennifer Lopez's lob is total goals. To easily create added fullness from roots to ends we recommend Bohyme Silky Straight Tape Extensions as they marry ease and flexible long-wear. Get those blade sharp ends with fullness at the top with tape! Opening Image @chrisappleton1.

Priyanka Chopra

Image credit  Pinterest

Image credit Pinterest

Those layers. Those waves. That lushness. Nothing shows off a spectacular face more than a sexy cut, and this one is so Priyanka! GTL with Bohyme Gold Bodywave Collection.

Kim Kardashian

image credit @chrisappleton1

image credit @chrisappleton1

Straight from the stylist who created Kim's iconic lob look, Christoper suggests chopping the locks blunt and using a flat iron for sleekness. We couldn't agree more. And if added fullness is your thing, try Bohyme™ Silky Straight in clip-in, tape-ins or weaves.


What's your fave lob look? Sound off below!