How-To Fake A Blowout

Credits: All Photography by Emmy Lowe For The Love Retreat, Extensions by Bohyme™

Credits: All Photography by Emmy Lowe For The Love Retreat, Extensions by Bohyme™

We've all wanted to fake a blowout at one point or another. Whether it's avoiding drying your hair from scratch or extending the life of a day's old blowout, here are three solid tips for faking it so only YOU know the real deal!

So let's loose the baseball caps...

...and go glam like we just got out of the salon. Ready? Here we go!



Tip #1. Use Extensions

You shouldn't be surprised that this is our number one recommendation! Extensions really do provide an instant hairstyle and significantly cut down on styling time in general. If in a pinch and you're not an avid extension user, try clip-ins for that, "I just got out of the salon look", by adding a few wefts at the front and crown to bump up your current style or fake a trip to the salon.

Tip #2. Pack A Barrel

With a flick of the wrist and a large barrel curling iron, you can truly fake a blowout with these easy steps. 

Starting with ultra dry hair, spray heat protectant from root to ends. Next, follow through root to end using a 2” Curling Iron—try some of our favorite brands such as Hot Tools or Xtava. 

Curl hair in the opposite direction you’d like your hair to lay (curling strands upwards), then re-curl your hair in the direction you’d like it to lay (curly strands downwards) to give your hair lift at the root and natural movement throughout. Cap off your look with touchable hairspray for hold and bounce. 

For added volume at the roots, try a dry shampoo (especially if your hair wasn’t washed on the same day!).


Tip #3. Use A Hot Thermal Drying Brush

On wet hair, dab a volumizing mousse from roots to ends and rough dry with a favorite blow-dryer until hair is about 50% dry. Next clip your hair into sections, leaving a thin bottom layer of hair to begin drying with a hot styling-drying duo brush like this one. Repeat this drying method as you reach the top of your head, sectioning off hair bit by bit.

Follow the same curling pattern as mentioned in Tip #2 (but instead drying first over, than under). This double curling-drying motion will mimic the heat from a blow-dryer, removing kinks and providing a polished professional look with mega bounce.

TELL US...How do you fake a blowout? What's your favorite styling tip? We'd love to hear from you!