Tips To Wearing Clip-Ins Like A BOSS

Crediting: All Photography by  Emmy Lowe  For The Love Retreat, Featuring  Bohyme ™ Extensions

Crediting: All Photography by Emmy Lowe For The Love Retreat, Featuring Bohyme™ Extensions

Whether you're at a crossroad with your current length or just desiring some extra volume, clip-in extensions can quickly elevate any hair moment. Designed for quick at-home installations, clip-ins can easily become your most treasured fashion accessory, there are just a few key tips to ensure your look is the most flattering it can be.

At Bohyme we pride ourselves in not only using premium natural hair, we designed a variety of clip-ins to adapt to your lifestyle and preferences with the option of 7 and 11 piece clip-in packages for the most customized and seamless looks possible.

But regardless of your brand preference, we're outlining crucial tips to make the right purchase decisions and styling choices for your next foray into faux hair. Keep these three tips in mind for your next install and you'll be golden!

1. Shop The Real Deal

Stick to quality, real hair extensions as they look the most natural, allow for heat styling, will last the longest and will not itch your scalp. When trying to match your natural color opt to (a) have a professional help source the right colored extensions for you, (b) take your extensions to the salon for a custom colored blend, or (3) match the extensions yourself.

Remember, extensions don’t have to match perfectly; they will blend. We suggest going a touch darker than your natural hair or getting a tonal shade to aid in blending the extension to your natural color. 

2. Prep + Apply

Unless specified, it is best to wash your extensions when you first get them. This step will help your extensions to look and feel the most natural like your own hair.


2. Brush out your extensions, then curl them if necessary. Brush out your extensions using a wide tooth comb or brush. Hold your extensions tightly from the clip end in your left hand, and gently curl small sections with a large or medium curling iron to match your natural hair. Leave extensions straight or use a straightener if your hair is straight. At Bohyme, we specialize in selling textured and pre-styled extensions to match your natural hair or styling preferences. If you desire to add additional curl to your extension, curl the extension while it’s snapped on your head to help with the curling process if desired.

3. Once each extension panel is curled, lay them on a flat surface. This will force the curl to set and cool. We recommend avoiding hairspray if possible to add to the wear of your extensions as hairspray is often not needed with extensions (we actually consider this a styling bonus). If opting for hairspray, use a light holding one if possible. 

4. Apply the largest extension panel. Make a horizontal part across the back of your head from mid-ear to the opposite mid-ear, then clip the rest of your hair up and out of the way. With the clip teeth facing inwards, snap the far right clip right behind your ear, just below the part. Move over to the middle clip and repeat until you reach the far left.

5. Apply the second largest extension panel. Begin by letting your hair down and making another horizontal part. Follow the same right to left pattern as the previous step until you have the section centered along your head.

6. Arrange and clip the remaining smaller extensions. Put one in the back (behind the end of your part) and one on each side of your head. Note, you may need two pieces underneath a deep part.

7. Smooth and blend with a brush. After all extensions are clipped in, brush out the ends to blend your real hair with the extensions. Style as needed.

Maintenance + Storage

Freshen your extensions by brushing them or washing them as needed. Use a sulfate-free shampoo or our upcoming Bohyme extension shampoo (COMING SOON!). Lay extensions on a super-absorbent microfiber towel to soak up moisture. Store extensions by laying them flat horizontally.

TELL US. Do you wear clip-in extensions? Do you have any additional tips to share? Sound off below. We'd love to hear from you!