Bohyme Bedhead Series: Volume 1


Good Morning! We love waking up to pretty, un-fussy hair so we designed a uniquely fun hair tutorial pop-up called The Bohyme™ Bedhead Series. With these in-house tutorials we'll be breaking down desirable looks you can re-create in bed, or simply wake up to for those lazy, carefree mornings and luxurious rendezvous. The first look in the series is The Curly Pony designed for all types of waves and curls. Here, we used Bohyme's Gold Collection in Deep Wave for this easy-to-replicate step-by-step using just a few hair pins! No heat, no elastic bands, no worries! BTW this look is also light on product. We just co-washed the hair with Kristen Ess's Cleansing Conditioner and air-dried using Not Your Mother's Whip It Up Cream Styling Mousse. Talk about low maintenance!

P.S. This look is made way easier and dressier with extensions so have at 'em! As we say...the more hair, the merrier!


Step 1: Part Hair In Fours


Part your hair into four equal parts (left side, right side, and two even distributions in the back).

Step 2: Knot Your First (Bottom) Pony


Next, knot your first pony. This will be the pony that rests at the bottom giving your first pony added length and volume. Simply take one parted strand and knot it with the other as you would a shoelace. Pin hair in place with vertically-placed hair pins. Secure further by crisscrossing pins if need be. 

Step 3: Knot Your Second (Top) Pony


Repeat with the remaining two sides. Tie in the same manner so your second pony rests on top of your first.

Step 4: Pin Your Top Knot


Lastly, pin your top (second) pony in place by criss-crossing your hair pins. Remember it's best to anchor your hairpins vertically with the wavy side down for maximum hold. 


Tell us, will you be trying this look? What tutorial do you wish to see next? Sweet dreams!