Halo V2 Just Launched!

You Spoke and We Listened!

When we first introduced the original Bohyme® Halo to our Essential Collection, we received a lot of positive feedback and suggestions from stylists in our network on how our product could be improved. Our team at Bohyme® got right to work and now we're excited to announce our newest addition to the Essential Collection, Bohyme® Halo V2!


Like the Bohyme® Halo, the Halo V2 can easily be worn by anyone to quickly add some length, volume or extra color to your hair. The adjustable invisible wire allows the Halo to blend seamlessly with your natural hair while securely holding it in place. It can be self-applied and because it's made of 100% Remi hair, you can wash and style the halo like you would your natural hair.

But here's where it gets super exciting!


The Halo V2 features a lighter design with the same amount of hair as the Halo. With the original Halo, there is a detachable part of the hair that can be taken off or left on to adjust it to your desired volume. With the Halo V2, we redesigned it without the detachable part and a lighter lace area so that the halo itself places a little less weight on your head. You may be wondering, does this mean that the Halo V2 has less hair? And the answer to that, our friends, is a sound no! All of our Halo products use the same amount of hair.

Another new feature is that the clips that attach the halos to your head are now fully detachable and not sewn in, meaning that you can move the placement of these velcro clips wherever you like on the weft. This gives you more flexibility to adjust the halo to fit the shape of your head better.

We also made some other minor but significant changes such as improving the hooks that adjust the wire on the weft for easy adjustment and softening the invisible wire to reduce any unwanted discomfort and abrasion.

One last thing! Stylists in our network wanted to see some of their favorite colors in our selection of Halos and we made it happen! You can check out our full list of colors for the Halo V2 in the Essential Collection.

And there you have it! You can now choose from the original Bohyme® Halo to our newly designed Halo V2 to instantly get the look you want whether you're on the go or just looking for a temporary enhancement.

For more product details such as length and color availability, check out our product page for Halo V2 in the Essential Collection!

If you already have an account with us, you can order at www.shopfwhair.com. If you don't have an account, you can request an account! Or you can buy from one of our authorized distributors here.

Ever yours,

The Bohyme® Team

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