Bohyme® Expands Into Europe

Exciting news at Bohyme®!

We are happy to announce that Bohyme® has expanded into Europe! As of today, Djarling Hair Extensions is now a proud distributor of Bohyme® hair extensions.

Source: Djarling Hair Extensions

Djarling salons are owned and run by Benjamin Djarling and his family in Denmark. Established in 1988, Djarling Hair Extensions is a family business whose vision calls for making hair extensions to become something that can be used by all women. They developed the Djarling Method, which is a unique braiding method that is considered to be one of the most durable and gentle methods in the market.

Source: Djarling Hair Extensions

Not to mention, we all know how Bohyme® feels about creativity. And Djarling Hair Extensions shares this passion of ours! To borrow their words, Djarling welcomes you to a hair extension universe fully of creativity and inspiration so you can safely live out your hair extension dreams.

We are most excited to be represented by Djarling Hair Extensions in Europe and can't wait to see what our future unfolds together!

Ever yours,

The Bohyme® Team