Making A Difference For Kids

Part of the reason why we’re in the business of hair is to make a difference in the lives of individuals suffering from hair loss! And, for us, it’s doubly important when those hair issues stem from medical reasons hindering the lives of innocent children! Enter Shequlia Bohannon (aka Quilla, aka Quilla Bohyme—we were so ever touched by the name change, Quilla!), a Wig Magician we first encountered on a FOX News broadcast.

One look at the remarkable work Quilla is doing prompted us to work in tandem to provide complimentary hair from both of our brand flagships, Bohyme and Original Remi, to her worthy cause! We highly recommend you check out her Go Fund Me Page and support FreeWigs4Kids suffering from hair loss with a small monetary donation. The heartfelt before n’ afters on Instagram are a must see—especially this recent one!

We did a great YouTube tutorial on how to clean, maintain and apply the  #freewig4kids❤️ ...Hair provided by  @bohyme  collection 💕💕💕💕

We did a great YouTube tutorial on how to clean, maintain and apply the #freewig4kids❤️
...Hair provided by @bohyme collection 💕💕💕💕

In the meantime, please read along as we dive deeper into Quilla’s quest to transform the lives of children with the universal power of hair!

The love of hair usually begins at an early age. Tell us about your hair journey? At what age did you get bitten by the hair bug?

Well I learned from my grandmother who was a hairstylist. I still remember the day I did my first braid, it was actually on a Barbie when I was 5 years old. Hair has followed me every step of the way. In middle school I would tell my mom I’m staying after school for track or cheerleading, but in reality I was getting paid to braid other kids hair who were involved in those extra curricular activities. LOL I knew she wouldn’t have let me stay after school if I wasn’t directly involved. 

What lead you to the medical hair arena? It seems like such a natural calling for you!!

I love this question! For me, this is bigger than just being a stylist, marking hair for the medical arena was something I said I would always do since a teenager. My great grandmother passed from leukemia and lost her hair so it was important to make her happy even though she is no longer here.

We love how you provide pre-styled, ready-to wear wigs with flavor for kids--complete with intricate braids and hair accessories. What led you to develop pre-styled wigs as opposed to traditional wigs? Do the kids have a say in the styles you create? We’re sure they love having a hand in designing their custom looks!

Styling is the best part and the art of wig making! Traditional wigs wouldn’t fit for every child. I usually speak to them beforehand, and after hearing their personalities, I know exactly what style to do. Absolutely, the children have a big input as far as styling beforehand. I like to make each wig artistic and interesting!

What are the biggest obstacles and challenges in helping those with hair loss, especially young children?

I would say the biggest obstacle in helping those with hair loss is the fact i can’t make their hair a permanent piece...the children love their wigs but I often hear them say “I wish I could get my old hair back”.

Your work is truly transformative and making a real difference in the lives of children with self-esteem and medical issues. Can you tell us more about how you develop free wigs for kids? Do you have a criteria or selection process parents should be aware of?

Yes, I developed free wigs for kids with a gofundme fundraiser for the world & community to help me raise money for shipping the kid wigs & the supplies to make them. The criteria is very strict and is only offered to kids who are suffering from hair loss due to various medical conditions. I form list, and basically, parents worldwide reach out to me via email and or social media. I then order from who reaches out first to last. Parents should be very patient because sometimes a wig can take over a week to make depending on the child’s head size. I do ask parents to send me before and after pictures so that donors are able to see how much of a difference they have helped me make with providing each child with the hair of their dreams.

On a fun note, tell us more about your personal quest to develop a statement-making 44 inch wig! How much time did that take and what information can you share for ladies wanting to order the same for themselves?

The 44 inch wig has now been extended to over 65 inches. I’ve been working on it for months, and yet it seems there is always something to add to it. Sounds crazy long huh? I want it to be able say “Runway Hair” but without actually saying it. Honestly...I don’t know if I ever want to make it took my family of 5 people to comb and keeping it from tangling as I walked’s a real headache. Not to say I wouldn’t make one for others to purchase, but I’m definitely going to take a break after I debut mine.

Throughout your career, you’ve encountered a variety of kids (and even adults) who’ve been bullied due to hair loss. How have you found wigs to completely transform the lives of these individuals for the better.

Well, it’s like a comfort blanket and a security blanket for most. Because my wigs are so realistic looking, it reminds them of the hair they once used to have. It gives hope and my wigs definitely boost confidence!

Recently, you shared how you’ve been helping young boys with hair needs, specifically a boy with Alopecia who needed fresh eyebrows because his had fallen out. Tell us how you’ve made a positive impact in his life.

The little guy who’s 11 years old. He’s so cute as he is, but he’s been in hiding for some time. He’s been pulled out of school because of being hairless. It has made me feel awesome to know that he wants to give going back outside again a chance, I’m certain he’ll have the confidence he needs now.

Further touching on the topic of brows, many lose their brows with age, or as a result of medical issues. Being that brows frame the face, can people contact you if they want to get custom brow extensions?

Yes! Absolutely, those who are interested in getting a pair of brows made can contact me anytime!!

How can our readers find you? Please share how our community can help advocate and contribute to your cause!

I am reachable by email and on various social media sites. My Instagram is @RunwayHair_ and under Facebook it’s Wigs Runway Hair. Email is RunwayHairatl (at) I have a gofundme for those who would like to fund free wigs 4 Kids at and there is also an Amazon supply list for those who would like to purchase hair supplies for the kid wigs.