Can Your Hair Do This? It Can Now.

Credits: From Left to Right via  Hair Goals Image Search  with two Bohyme specific images as marked by  @hairbyallysonmackinney ,  @jessgoldhairmakeup  &  @samirah_r

Credits: From Left to Right via Hair Goals Image Search with two Bohyme specific images as marked by @hairbyallysonmackinney, @jessgoldhairmakeup & @samirah_r

Summer is well underway and with it a breed of cult classic curls, hair-to-there waves and braids that simply defy gravity. The facts are you're either born with big hair or can make it your own with a little help from cleverly placed extensions. 

We believe our seamless wefts and distinct extension lines are the best hair alternative out there. For one, we're 100% natural in our offerings and innovate comfortable options to make hair goals a reality.

So if you've been dreaming about dreamy hair instead of being about that life then just. stop. now! Meet your craves with #reallifegoals like our girls did below!

The Crave: Waves that last all day > The Goal: Ombre Mermaid

@hairbyallysonmackinney delivers luscious combed-out waves kissed by the sun with babylight ombre and Bohyme extensions. Wanting to make those waves last all day? Extensions are key! Why? They fight frizz, humidity and supply that natural bounce all girls crave. Ask your stylist about Bohyme Gold Collection Body Wave in a shade that suits you. Pro Tip: Wanting to add color without the damage? Extensions provide stress-free, fade-free color goals for summer and beyond!


The Crave: Braids so thick > The Goal: Boho Braid Gold

@jessgoldhairmakeup & @samirah_r killing it with this boho goddess look. Fishtail braids have more grip and boldness when extensions are used. GTL with Bohyme Gold Collection European Body as braids always pair nicely with soft beach waves. Bonus: Peek-a-boo braids last all day when extensions are your secret weapon.


The Crave: Hair down to there > The Goal: Long Hair Don't Care

@cosmomarisa adds 24" inches of taped Bohyme extensions to keep strands long and thick from root to tip. Don't just imagine your hair looking this fly, make it happen RN! Try Bohyme Gold Collection in Loose Wave for a similar look.

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