5 Ways To Care For Your Weave

Image Teyana Taylor via  Pinterest

Image Teyana Taylor via Pinterest

Caring for your hair is ultra important when wearing extensions. Although extensions provide goddess-like hair that's often wash-and-go fabulous, maintenance is truly key in keeping your hair healthy and instant camera ready.

When researching tips for maintaining quality natural weaves, we came across the article, Weave lessons learned the hard way, featured on Madamenoire.com. Since we couldn't agree more with the 10 game-changing tips reported by author Toya Sharee, we edited our top 5 below for your convenience and consumption.

We suggest you read the original Madamenoire article to get all of the 10 tips in detail.

BTW we noticed another of Toya article, Unbeweavable: Celebs With That Proper Weave Game, mentioned that Teyana Taylor may likely be rocking Bohyme Brazilian Waves and we couldn't be more thrilled!!

1. Human Hair Is Always Heads Above The Rest

As purveyors of only the finest natural human hair extensions and wigs, we know a thing or two about why natural hair extensions are better than synthetic options. Three top reasons include seamlessness, realistic appearance, and comfort. Yes, comfort is crucial! Did you know that synthetic hair often weighs heavily on the neck and head and can cause severe breakage to your natural hair? It's true! If synthetic is your best choice, try to avoid keeping synthetic pieces in longer than a month to allow your natural hair to rest.

2. Go For Quality

Cheap hair often has a harsh, unfavorable sheen in many forms of light and may not smell the greatest. As Toya points out, it's best for your weave to look as natural as possible versus looking cartoonish...or look like it's wearing YOU.

3. Book That Stylist, Girl

Although experimentation may be tempting, working with a stylist is the best idea for getting healthy, professional looking results. A great stylist will also be honest with you about your hair’s health, how to maintain extensions, and can properly match your color and texture. Bonus: A pro stylist can also cut layers into your extensions so they blend better with your natural hair.

4. Take Care of The Natural Underneath

Know when to give extensions a rest to preserve your natural hair--and for that matter stay on top of trends to learn which installation method may be best for you. A tip we offer is to research your installation method of choice and then seek out the best stylist you can afford that specializes in that precise method.

5. Be Matchy-Matchy

Here's a case for when being ultra matchy is actually a good thing. Choose textures and curl patterns that blend naturally with your own hair, especially if you want to leave some of your real hair showing through. As stated in the article, "Many African-American women favor Yaky or Bohyme Brazilian Wave since it represents a coarser, curlier texture of hair." Werk!