Hair Down To There

Extensions have really gone mainstream and are a total mainstay in today's Hollywood and performance circuits. Take two distinctly different artists from this weekend's 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Julia Michaels and Nicki Minaj, for example.

Julia is a boho goddess and Nicki is everything dahling--and yet both rocked super long, glammed-out extensions that graced the navel...and beyond. 

Regardless of your aesthetic and OOTD, long and luscious extensions can truly make an outfit...on and off the red carpet! Here we offer some suggestions on Bohyme pieces to get similar looks rocked by the stars.

Julia Michaels

Image Credit  Just Jared

Image Credit Just Jared

Get a similar look to Julia's by considering:

Nicki Minaj

Get a similar look to Nicki's by considering:

Note: We aren't suggesting that the celebrities mentioned wore Bohyme at the Billboards. We do not have information on what extensions were worn that evening.

Tell Us: What were your favorite looks from this year's Billboards?