How To Look Like A Kardashian Without Really Trying


Immersed in the beauty rituals of the Kardashian crew (yes, we were tempted to spell crew with a K), we’ve noticed that the sisters have a strong love for human hair lashes. Since Bohyme™ specializes in authentic human hair extensions, we thought it fitting to play a little game of match-up with our best-selling "Kardashian-worthy" hair extensions and Lilly Lashes, their favorite human hair lash brand.

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If you caught this Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians you noticed that Khloe was getting clip-in extensions for her Good American photography shoot. Clip-ins are certainly the most versatile and maintenance-free of all extensions, but adhesive tape extensions also offer a hassle-free, more permanent solution. Popular and long-lasting, tape extensions allow for a quick professional application by a trained Bohyme stylist. 

Gone are the days of living with skimpy lashes and thin hair. Thanks to lash extensions, hair extensions, clip-ins, and false lashes a girl can glam-up her routine in seconds—or set herself up for a low-maintenance beauty routine that seriously cuts down on the time spent getting ready each day! So with options, options, options…it’s totally up to you! 

Both Bohyme™ tape and clip-in extensions offer superior lock enhancements that our glamour girls adore!

With some well-planned salon visits or a visit to a certified Bohyme™ online retailer, getting professional-level tape-ins and clip-ins are easier than ever before. (Feel free to comment below for a certified Bohyme stylist near you.)

Now, let’s focus on Kim (the most glammed-out sister) for some Kardashian-level hair and lash inspiration below!


As pictured on Kim above (photo via Lilly Lashes) try Luxe Lilly Lashes, a strip mink lash to stack-on that extra glam factor. Looking to get Kim's inspired signature sleeked and tucked 'do, try Bohyme's 7-piece clip-in silky straight extensions for that enviable silky fullness. Although Kim is not wearing our extensions in this image, our clip-ins can certainly elevate any look for a Kardashian-worthy vibe.  Clip-ins are a short-term solution that can be applied or removed in minutes due to tiny combs that attach to the root of the hair. Bohyme's 7 PC Clip-Ins are made with luxurious quality Bohyme hair, guaranteed to last for long term use. Bohyme Clip-In Extensions are a simple, quick, and temporary way to add realistic hair extensions without daily commitment.


As pictured on Kim above (photo via Lilly Lashes) try Goddess Lilly Lashes, a strip mink lash to add extra drama to any ensemble. Looking to get Kim's full and lush locks, try Bohyme's Seamlesss Weft. Although Kim is not wearing our extensions in this image, our signature Seamless Weft™, is a lightweight, one-of-a-kind weft designed to deliver voluminous, silky, beautiful hair with a natural, dream-like fit and feel. See it in action here. We love how it creates seamless, sexy fullness in seconds.


As pictured on Kim above (photo via Lilly Lashes) try Miami Lilly Lashes, a 3D strip mink lash to radiate sex appeal in a flash. For this Kim-inspired look, try adding extensions in a ponytail (a great way to sample extensions for the first time!). Give Bohyme's Ashley Pontail Extension a whirl, or try Bohyme's Hand-Tied Skin Weft With Clips at the base of your pony for a luscious full mane. (We'll be doing a tutorial showing you how to incorporate extensions into a ponytail soon.) Our Bohyme Hand-Tied Skin Weft was designed to mimic hair growing from the scalp so our unbelievably realistic design creates a natural and seamless transformation that is virtually undetectable at the scalp...and in your ponytail!

COMMENT BELOW: We find Kim inspiring as she's helped put many a talented beauty stylists on the map! Let us know how the Kardashians inspire you?