What is the difference between synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions?

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair Extensions are made with synthetic fibers (modacrylic fibers) that mimic the look of hair. The most appealing aspect to synthetic hair is that it can often be worn out of the box with little or no styling. The fibers used usually have a pre-made style where the curl or wavy pattern is permanently set. However, the biggest drawback to synthetic extensions are that they can not be  altered by dyeing, coloring, or styling. They are plastic fibers that should not be styled with heated tools like curling irons or flat irons as it can damage or melt the hair fibers. Synthetic wigs and extensions are low cost and are perfect for costume design, temporary wigs, and hair styling experimentations. 

Human Hair Extensions are created with human hair sourced from donors. They are just like your natural hair which can be dyed, colored, or toned to your desired shade. Human hair extensions are more comfortable to wear, can be styled and be worn for longer periods of time. Remi® Human hair is the premium choice if quality is the main concern. They offer the most natural look and feel, and have natural movement and shine which cannot be duplicated in synthetic hair extensions. Additionally, human hair extensions allow for more versatile options as it can be cut and colored tailored to your desired look. With proper care, human hair extensions could last over a year.