Bohyme™ Luxe, the Newest Collection from Bohyme™

Hello Bohyme™ Dolls.
First and foremost, happy new year and we would like to say thank you for all of your posts, pictures and blogs on our lovely Bohyme products. Honestly we don’t know what we would do without you and we are forever grateful! With that said, we want you to be the first to know that we are launching our brand new luxurious hair collection called Bohyme™ Luxe. We are extremely proud of this line and have gone through numerous tests to make sure that we will provide you with the very best product!

You’re probably wondering what makes this line so special. Here’s a couple of fun facts on the new member to our family:

•All of our hair is beautifully packaged with the individual donor (this doesn't come to us in mixed batches so this provides consistency, also more thorough and extensive testing since it is much easier for us to inspect).
•The hair that we receive from the donors has to be non-processed hair. We only get our hair from healthy donors with youthful characteristics - no grays - no split ends - no previous chemical processing to ensure quality & longevity. 
•The hair is cleaned thoroughly.  We use a very delicate processing which uses eco-friendly ingredients and a slow 21 day color bath to color the hair. During this time, we also add essential nutrients to the hair to achieve strong healthy hair.
•Dolls Bohyme Luxe is sold exclusively to licensed stylists or salon professionals. So make sure you book your appointment with your favorite stylist!
•Our hair is 100% Remi hair from root to tip with 4oz of hair / 114 gram in every beautifully packaged hair.
We are so excited about our new line and we know you will be too!  

Happy Blogging. 

Heart The Bohyme™ Team