The Bohyme® Luxe Collection encapsulates our exclusive, top-tier extensions for professional salon users only. Read More about our Luxe Silky Straight below. 

Machine-Tied Silky Straight

BL-ST • Luxe Machine-Tied

The Machine-Tied Silky Straight is always a stylist favorite because the weft can be cut and adjusted to create many desired styles.  This popular style is easy to manage because of the high quality grade of hair that is being used.  Stand out and extend your beautiful hair or get that color you’ve always wanted.

Available Length: 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 22", 26"

Weight: 110-114 Grams (4oz)

Available Colors:


Length Guide

*Use the Bohyme Length Guide to get an approximate length for choosing hair extensions. Please note that while the length is consistent, that it will appear to be longer or shorter depending on the height of the model used in the chart and the varying length of the neck and torso. Also please keep in mind that the technique and the starting point used to thread your extensions can cause the length to vary.