Our Story


Established in 1978, Fashion World Ent., Inc. was founded by Sam Hong and his family in Chicago, Illinois. As an international manufacturer of high-quality hairpieces, hair extensions, and wigs, the goal was never to be the greatest in the world, but it was to be the greatest for the world. This understanding has been shared through three generations, where the focus remains the same to continuously improve ourselves, our products, our communities, and most importantly, our environment.

Bohyme hair extensions is a direct reflection of the artistic, original and creative people that help define the brand. Centered on the belief that beauty cannot be measured from the outside, our slogan “Hair for the Truly Imaginative,” shapes our philosophy that inner-beauty is what allows us to fully express ourselves, as individuals. Hair will always be our focus, but it’s the clients, stylists and supportive users that allowed Bohyme to stand the test of time.

Through constant feedback and recommendations from our network of professional stylists from all over the world, we are able to constantly innovate and develop new styles, wefts, and colors together.  This collaborative effort allows us to improve and enhance our craft, so we could essentially create a better experience for our stylists and clients.  We are proud of our growing professional network because they share our values of empathy, kindness, and support, which we hope will be the standard in the hair industry. Bohyme may be a small family-owned company, but our reach, impact, and responsibility continues to grow through the people we connect with on a daily basis. Our story only continues because of you, so for that, we will forever be grateful.    


Our Quality


Today, Fashion World's quality continues to be unmatched. As the originators of 100% Remi® hair, our collections ensure that every strand is full and voluminous from root to tip and sourced from only healthy, all-natural human hair. Limitless and traceless are two goals we strive to hit with every extension piece we produce. Endless possibilities and seamless applications are the reason our clients invest in our quality the world over. Our factory has formal EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) approval and invests thousands yearly to treat and eliminate pollution causing wastewater. In addition, our factory joined the Environmental Protection Association and holds a Work Safety Standardization Certificate.


our transparency


time-honored tradition

We offer innovative, environmentally friendly products while maintaining traditional techniques to uphold ethical sourcing of hair and the use of non-toxic chemicals to treat every strand.

exceptional craftsmanship

As the direct manufacturer, our extensions are hand-made overseas with our evaluation process, product development, and safe working conditions.

Trustworthy Reliability

Our factory has formal EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) approval and invests thousands yearly to treat and eliminate pollution causing wastewater.

sustainable prospects

Working closely with an environmental tech company, our factory has invested over $200,000 to install special water treatment equipment to avoid wastewater.




Like many world-leading brands, our success has led to our products being copied or altered by counterfeiters. Unfortunately, it's all too frequent that we're asked if a counterfeit product or website is real, or have someone contact us about accidentally purchasing inauthentic Bohyme hair online.

The benefit of Bohyme hair goes beyond premium human hair quality. We pride ourselves on using high quality hair that is gathered and assembled in independently inspected factories that adhere to responsible work practices. Bohyme guarantees healthy and beautiful hair that is ethically sourced and procured. We only use hair that is voluntarily donated and fairly compensated. Bohyme deals with all aspects of production—from distribution through our our hair processing facility—to ensure our products are not affiliated with any negative impact from our production process.