Bohyme® Distributor application

Thank you for your interest in distributing Bohyme® hair extensions. To better understand our potential clients and their needs, the application process could take anywhere up to 7 - 14 business days. We do appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this process because it is important to learn as much as possible about your business and future goals, so we could help provide the best solutions and service that you deserve. After submitting the application, our accounts team may request further information such as credit references, seller permits, or more company information.

To help establish a positive relationship from the beginning, qualified and potential applicants will be emailed back to setup a meeting time for an online video conference. When the initial meeting is finished, the accounts teams will be able to review and assess whether the applicant is approved or added to the waitlist. After an applicant is approved, the official reseller agreements and distributor account forms will be sent to sign and complete.