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Melinda Hurt opened Spokane’s first weave shop in 2003. Receiving her cosmetology degree from Washington State, Melinda continued on to become certified in British Columbia, Canada. She has also pursued and received International Hairdressing Certification via the International Professional Standards Network (IPSN). Melinda learned and studied all about extension dreadlocks, natural dreadlocks, and the accompanying proper care and maintenance in 2004 from HairPolice founder, Sonia Peterson. She continued her studies under the master wigmaker Daniele Sullivan in 2006. Melinda has since run the growing company of Doctored Locks, providing her knowledge and expertise in the hair industry alongside her vast collection of hair extension products and Bohyme. Melinda strives to provide stylists with all the information to benefit themselves and their work, from her techniques to her extensive knowledge in hair extensions maintenance and restoration.

“I truly empathize with stylists that are getting knocked down by struggling clients and they don't have answers. I know it always falls back on ‘hair quality.’ I try to do everything I can to help them out of those situations.”

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Melinda has gained quite the following online due to her in-depth videos and tutorials on hair care and maintenance, among a plethora of style techniques and information on proper materials necessary for stylists. While also providing a number of education classes to stylists, Melinda also showcases her expertise and concise methods of repairing hair extensions from improper care. Her videos, an insightful and free guide to the public, also provides prevention practices, step-by-step process, and all the necessary tools to repair hair.

“We don't leave anything out. It’s free and we want people to have this info.  The more education we can get our struggling stylists, the better.”


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