The Bohyme® Quality Process


We are committed to adhering to high standards of safety, performance and quality for the imaginative hair products that we develop, manufacture and sell. When buying hair extensions, it is especially important to purchase from reputable sources and feel confident in knowing that quality is backed by a strict ethical code. We stand behind our certified products and invite you to experience our wonderful world of beauty. 


The majority of Bohyme® hair is collected in rural villages in northwest China from individual donors.  Gathering at the individual donor level has guaranteed 40 strong years of stellar consistency.

The initial step in our meticulous selection process starts by combing through every bundle and extracting any inconsistent strands of hair.  Next, our hair is washed in small batches with a mild shampoo.  This selection process takes up to several days to complete.

Our hair is only treated with only mild, non-toxic chemicals to ensure that our hair retains it’s maximum health, shine, flexibility, and elesticity.  Our hair undergoes a special process to eliminate dark pigmentation and is always bathed in a mild bath, which lasts about 21-28 days.  Once at optimal conditions, the hair is ready for the dying process that takes place in a separate, supervised tank.

Our hair resist breakage and does not stretch. We make sure exact temperatures are used to resist fading. Hair is then dried while conditioned through a special combing process.


Our Quality Control begins whereby samples are reviewed before mass production begins. Random batch samples are then taken after each production and any sub-standard hair is removed.


Our hair is washed, shampooed and conditioned for several days to make sure hair withstands normal wear. A delicate formulation of silicone is applied to ensure ultimate sheen and silkiness.


Our extensions are handmade overseas. We take pride in our evaluation processes, product development, and safe working conditions. As the direct manufacturer of our high quality extensions, our team works diligently to craft all hand-tied wefts in a time-honored manner to ensure a superior product. For example, we do not rely on machines to craft our hand-tied products and we do not cut corners when it comes to quality. In addition, our tape extensions have used higher quality hair from the onset resulting ina steady minimal return rate of less than 1% which is unheard of within hair industry.

Our factory has formal EIA (Enviromental Impact Assesment) aproval and invests thousands yearly to treat and eliminate pollution causing wastewater. Our factory also works closely with an environmental technology company to test water quality and equipment regularly. In addition, our factory joined the Enviromental Protection Association and holds a Work Safety Standardization Certificate.   

At Bohyme® we strive to offer innovative, enviromentally friendly products while maintaining traditional techniques to uphold to our meticulous standards. Our unsurpassed quality begins with the ethical sourcing of hair and the use of non-toxic chemicals to treat every strand.