OUR MISSION: We produce only the finest human hair extensions on the planet. We empower stylists to create and women around the globe to feel their most beautiful. We believe in the healing power of hair, the beauty of transformation, and remain compassionate about causes resulting in hair loss. We are Bohyme™ — Hair For The Truly Imaginative. 

Our core values represent the essence of what we stand for and how we run our business. Our mission has always been to produce the finest human hair imaginable, to empower stylists and enrich the lives of those we touch with our hair. We believe in the beauty of giving back and developing awareness for causes dealing with hair loss.

Core Values





We strive to offer innovative, environmentally friendly products while maintaining time-honored, traditional techniques that serve as a testament to/// . The main pollution derived from factories is waste water. Our factory has invested over $200,000 to purchase and install special water treatment equipment to avoid waste. Our factory also works closely with an environmental technology company to test water quality and equipment regularly. Our extensions our hand-made overseas. As a member of The Environmental Protection Association we take pride in our evaluation processes, product development and safe working conditions. 


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We believe in cultivating a community focused on the healing power of hair. We believe in empowering stylists to create and everyday women to feel their most beautiful. We believe in empowering those suffering from hair loss. We believe in cultural pride and preserving the beauty of all ethnic hair types. We feel these core values are what make our products distinctly unique, sought after, and hard to match. 








Bohyme hair is responsibly sourced and artisanally crafted to not only enrich the lives of our dedicated stylists, but to enhance the lives of the women who wear it. We believe in advocating and raising awareness for issues dealing with hair loss, and donating to causes near to our hearts.