Bohyme Color Chart

Over 70 Different Bohyme™ Colors

We test thousands of color tones a year with the support and input from Bohyme™ professionals worldwide. The high grade Remi Hair® allows for dyes to penetrate the healthy, intact cuticles for long lasting, pure colors. Combining the high quality hair with our gentle slow, methodical processes, creates blends exclusive to Bohyme™.

D = Blended colors. Where one layer of color is laid on top of another
M = Mixed color combinations blended together
T = Two-toned, or Ombré colors
R = Rooted. The roots are treated to a single color that meld into natural highlights
H/P = "Highlights" or "piano" striped colors
A / B / BL = Ash / Platinum

*For the closest color match, please use the Bohyme Color Ring.