Bohyme Professional Network

When Bohyme first debuted in the hair industry, stylists and salon professionals were amazed by the quality and handcrafted diligence put into each hair extension. Since then for over 38 years, Bohyme has been setting the standards for Remi hair quality to ensure the most natural, luxurious, and voluminous extensions.

Without direct marketing asistance Bohyme products have grown to be beloved internationally via the mouths of satisfied clients and customers. Most importantly, we would not be here today, if it weren’t for our dedicated stylists and salon professionals.

Therefore, Bohyme is proud to announce the Bohyme Professional Network—a means to highlight hand-selected stylists that not only represent Bohyme, but are also industry leaders in their craft. Through special invitation, BPN Stylists receive many exclusive incentives to help focus on the promotion and growth of their businesses.

BPN's goal is to build a network of educated, creative, and passionate stylists to help create a better quality product, service, and experience. Our network also serves a trusted forum where clients and customers can visit to gain a better understanding of hair extensions.

If you are interested in an invitation, please e-mail us your information & portfolio to: