Why Extensions Are Key In Creating Those Pinterest Braids


Have you ever spent hours scrolling through Pinterest, coveting gorgeously thick braids, but struggled to make them look the same IRL? Well, chances are those luscious braids all have one thing in common—extensions. Yep, even this gathered, sweater-weather fall braid we created for Lauren Conrad was made possible by our Halo extension.

Even if you’re blessed with a generous amount of hair, braids hold better when extensions are used. Natural hair can often have a lot of layers that eventually glide out of your braid and extensions provide much needed fullness from root-to-tip. In other words, your braid is fuller from every angle, top-to-bottom, and stays put with the help of extensions.

Also, natural hair can often limit the intricacies one can achieve with a more up-leveled, Pinterest-worthy braid. Pinterest braids, especially swoon-worthy ones for fall, tend to have that layered look that seem to go on for days. Natural hair, however, can sometimes limit the dimension and one can create with your average head of hair. Not to mention, length plays a huge part in a Pinterest-perfect braid, so extensions usually assist with that!

So if you’re coveting yummy braids this fall, we suggest elevating your traditional French or fishtail variety with clip-ins, tape-ins, halos or even a more permanent Seamless weft. They’re called Seamless for a reason as they never impede, or limit what’s possible with styling.

Remember, the next time you’re wishing your hair could “do that”, know that it can! The braids you covet on Pinterest all have the same secret weapon. Extensions are no longer a “hush-hush” thing nobody talks about. They are a stylists best kept secret and with celebrities and influencers making them the hottest hair accessory around, we highly suggest you use them to bump up your braids this fall!

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