There's Gotta Be Extensions In There Vol. 1

We're mavericks at determining if a style has been up-leveled by extensions, so today we launch a series entitled, There's Gotta Be Extensions In There, to dissect and disseminate how to GTL. Stay tuned as we investigate this red-carpet (or should we say D-A-I-L-Y) phenomenon.

We can pretty much guarantee all those drool-worthy styles you covet have gotten a little (or a lot) of help from added hair. And we can almost guarantee you a lot of that GOOD HAIR comes from us. 


In our first investigative report, we borrow from our friends at Behind The Chair to uncover how Khloe Kardashian got that insane retro '90s bomb high pony! You know the one featured on Ellen...yeah, THAT ONE! Extensions really made it an unforgettable statement-making 'do!

Article below originally appeared on Behind The Chair

The Kardashian sisters are always serving up major #HairGoals, but lately, Khloe (and her cutie baby bump) has stolen the spotlight when it comes to hair inspo. She wears it short, long, curly, and recently, when doing an appearance on “The Ellen Show,” she rocked an on-trend high ponytail created by @andrewfitzsimons. Here’s how he made the glam look happen.


Rough-dry the hair using Alterna Haircare Thick and Full Volume Mousse for hold and body.

Working from the crown down toward the nape of the neck, add in clip-in extensions.

Using a curling iron, curl the hair clockwise from the mid-lengths up and counter-clockwise from the mid-lengths down.

Repeat Step 3, alternating directions throughout the entire back of the head.

Apply the rest of the extensions on the sides and back, clipping them in upside-down/toward the crown of the head. Then curl the hair in the same manner as Step 3.

Using a Mason Pearson brush, smooth the front and sides of the hair, then scoop all hair into a high pony at the crown of the head and secure with a matching bungee. Use Alterna Haircare Perfect Hairspray for hold and softness as you work. 

Brush through all the hair while it is in the ponytail, then flip the hair over (so your client’s head is upside-down) and use Alterna Perfect Texture Spray generously for instant texture and volume.

Finally, Andrew says to use a cute ponytail cuff for extra “SLAYAGE” and finish the look with hairspray.