The NEW Epic Beach Braid For Summer

Image via  InStyle

Image via InStyle

So according to, the beachy braid is replacing the top knot this summer and we kinda agree. We say kinda because our extensions truly allow for some royally gorgeous top knots (we're talking relaxed, groomed and second-day styles), but we've always been fond of a chunky, loose braid and this one brings all the feels. 

What differentiates this braid from the norm is it's loose vibe while maintaining all the right fullness. You may ask yourself, "...but how do I keep a loose braid from falling apart?" The two-part answer always going to product and extensions.

The right stay-in texturizing product is essential for creating moldability and grip, while the right extensions give fullness, length, and durability from day to night. We're really digging Kristen Ess Working Texture Loose Styling Powder to create drama that sticks and pairing it with our rich extensions for maximum fullness that doesn't fall flat...ever!

Just check out our loose quick take on the beach braid trend below done in-house in the span of five minutes with our versatile clip-ins.

Our #BohymeBraid is current and messy--yet not going anywhere. Clip-ins add volume, length and the right "lived-in" natural looking "fall out" that never falls flat. The look is made complete with reversed ends for a boho-beachy feel.

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