DIY This Boho Braided Half-Up Do

Today we have a unique boho-inspired hair tutorial from one of our fabulous contributors, Dani Marie. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Youtube for more tutorials like this one and other fun beauty-related content.

Hi!! It's Dani here again from Summer is right around the corner and I can't even believe that we are already into May! I swear it was just Feb! I am packing away all my winter clothes and pulling out summer items and couldn't be more happy about it. I love to do bohemian hairstyles that are full of texture and flirtiness throughout the summer and so I am so excited to share with you how to do this braided bohemian half up with Bohyme™ extensions! I have hand tied wefts in my hair in two rows and absolutely love the fullness that it gives my hair. Plus they hold a curl for pretty much forever so hello no hair washing (to a point, ha!).

This hairstyle is so fun and versatile because based on your knowledge of braids and what you are able to do to your own hair, you are able to swap out some of the braids to make it work for you! This is quick hairstyle will have your hair looking absolutely beautiful in no time! Let's get started!! As always, there is a step by step tutorial and a video tutorial below.


1. Start with curled hair. Section out a piece of hair that is about a half inch wide on either side of your part.

2. Start a dutch french braid going back toward your temples. Once you hit your temple, finish with a regular 3 strand braid.

3. Gently pull the braid apart to give it the appearance of being thicker and more full. Pin the braid back to the center of your head to keep it out of the way.

4. Grab a small section under that braid and start another braid. This can be a rope twist braid like I did here, a fishtail braid, or anything that you know how to do. Braid to the bottom and secure with a clear elastic.

5. Do a few other braids randomly below the dutch french braid that you pinned back. I did a regular 3 strand braid and a fishtail braid. Remember to gently pull each braid apart to make them look more full.

6. Take the hair from the opposite side of your dutch french braid and pull it back into a half up ponytail with your dutch french braid and all the small braids that you did. Take a section of hair from under your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic securing with a bobby pin. Finish off with hairspray!

You got this girl! Now, watch the video below on our NEW YouTube Channel to master your technique. Be sure to like and subscribe for more videos! 


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