NEW! 3" Integrated Skin Wefts

When Fashion World Ent., Inc opened for business in 1977 it’s unlikely that they ever expected to come so far. Over 30 years, and several brands later, CEO Sam Hong and his team run the ever innovative and much beloved Bohyme™ hair company. Bohyme™ has made a name for itself as one of the leading high end human hair extension brands thanks to the company’s commitment to quality over quantity. “We’d rather not do it all, than not do it well,” boasts their website, and they follow through on that motto. The company has a smaller selection than some of their competitors, but their quality blows them out of the water.

Due to their commitment to doing a few things well, they don’t often release new products; instead, they work on developing and honing their current products to perfection. When we heard they were releasing a new extension, the 3” Tape Integrated Skin Weft, we knew we needed to learn more.

We wanted to know a little more about what makes the skin weft so unique, so we turned to Sam J., Director of Operations at Bohyme™, to get the inside scoop. “First and foremost, what makes any of out products unique is our constant use of high quality hair,” he explained. “Besides using Bohyme™ hair for the new line, we are introducing our new 3” Tape Integrated Skin Wefts. Usually, they come in 1.5” widths, but we doubled the size to offer more coverage for our clients.” One of the things that really sets Bohyme™ apart is their philosophy, “Un- like other hair brands that only focus on one specific item, our company offers a wide range of hair extensions,” Sam continued, “We do not try and chase every single trend that is out in the hair market. We’ve been a part of this industry for over 35 years, and our main focus has been, and always will be about quality. Quality hair is what our stylists and clients deserve.” That commitment to their customers drives their production and research to always bring out their best work. 

“The development procedure actually was a work in progress because we would make minor adjustments to fit our client’s requests,” Sam explained, “for example, we started off with having ridged tape, but that created a potential problem when stylists would remove the tape.”

After a few adjustments they created a new version of the tape with a flat adhesive backing on the weft which is easy to apply and remove. They also increased the width of the wefts so that stylists would have more room to work.

The new wider tape makes stylist’s jobs a little easier too, which is always a plus. “While our 1.5” Tape Integrated Skin Weft still provides enough coverage, our 3” version will cover more area. If clients want to install the tape extensions themselves, it’s a lot easier to work with the 3” tape, so they can see where the coverage is needed.” Sam noted that while the extensions are very easy to apply and remove, the company does recommend always going to a professional.

With the product being developed specifically in response to customer demand, it’s no surprise that the response has already been extremely positive. Sam noted, “Stylists would comment on how easy it is to apply, 

and how much hair they are able to use. Our only challenge is to ensure we have certain colors avail- able. Since we have thou- sands and thousands of vendors and distributors, we do our best to ensure the popular colors are al- ways in stock and avail- able.”

We wondered if they had any last messages to share with our readers, “We want our customers to know that we are forever grateful to them. We are lucky to have such loyal clients that truly appreciate our quality. Our clients are extremely knowledgeable about hair ex- tensions, so that is why we always value their advice and feedback. Without our customers, we would not be here. Thank you for your loy- alty, and we will promise to always deliver quality hair to you.”