I see a lot of listings for Bohyme™ products on websites like Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. Are these authorized resellers?

Like many world-leading brands, our success has led to our products being copied or altered by counterfeiters. Unfortunately, it's all too frequent that we're asked if a counterfeit product or website is real, or have someone contact us about accidentally purchasing unauthentic Bohyme™ hair online.

The benefit of Bohyme™ hair goes beyond premium human hair quality. We pride ourselves on using high quality hair that are gathered and assembled in independently inspected factories that adhere to responsible work practices. Bohyme™ guarantees healthy and beautiful hair that are ethically sourced and procured. We only use hair that is voluntarily donated and that a fair price is paid. Bohyme™ deals with all aspects of production from distribution through to our hair processing facility to ensure our products are not affiliated with any negative impact from our production process.

Finally, counterfeit products isn't just just unethical, it is harmful to your wallet. Counterfeit sites are unlikely to offer a refund once a fake product is delivered. What commonly occurs is that our hair extensions get switched out with lower quality hair extension products with retagged and relabeled. Be aware of third party websites, such as auction websites, reseller websites, or international e-commerce websites that sell proclaimed Bohyme hair. 

Here are some examples that you can find off third party websites