What is Remi™ or Remy hair, and why is it the preferred choice of hair extensions?

Bohyme is the Original Creator of Remi™ Methodology

First introduced in 2001, our president Mr. Hong was the first to create a method for preserving hair cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional way to create hair extensions that are completely natural in appearance and feel. 

Remi™ hair was originally referred as the highest quality of human hair available in the industry. It refers to the way hair is sourced and laid when crafting a weft. When hair is collected from a donor, the hair is tied in a ponytail to ensure that the hair all runs in the same one direction with the hair cuticles preserved and intact. It is the preferred choice for hair extensions because it achieves the most natural look and feel. It is less likely to tangle as it mimics the natural growth of hair. Remi™ hair is softer, silkier, shinier, and longer-lasting than non-Remi hair because it does not mix different sources of hair which was the older and low-cost method of making extensions.

Is there a difference between Remi® and Remy?

No, Remi™ hair and Remy hair are the same. However, as the pioneers in Remi™ hair, we developed the methodology and coined the term Remi™. Since trademarking it in 2001, the hair extension industry uses the spelling of Remy to avoid copyright infringement.