How long do Bohyme™ Hair Extensions last?

While many factors determine the lifespan of Bohyme™ Hair Extensions, depending on proper maintenance and care, our Bohyme™ Hair Extensions last 6-9 months on average.  


For our Bohyme™ Hand-Tied and Machine-Tied Weft, if you are washing and drying your hair properly as well as using the correct hair products, we recommend taking the hair installation out every 2-3 months. Your natural hair has grown and any shedding occurred is contained in your braids or cap, which will turn into locks and cause matting. After removing the hair extensions, allow your hair roots to recovery for a relaxing period. Please keep in mind that after a relaxing period for your natural hair, you can reuse Bohyme™ hair for a new installation.


For our Bohyme Tape-In Hair Extensions, if take care of properly, each installation can last 4-8 weeks before the tape needs replacing. You can reuse tape-in extensions for up to 5 times.


For our Bohyme Pro Tip Hair Extensions, if you install your pro tip extension with hot fusion method, it usually last between 4-5 months. If you install pro tip extension with micro rings, you can leave them in your hair for long term, or take them out and reapply any time.


For our Bohyme Clip-In Hair Extensions, it really depends on how often you wear the extensions. With proper care, clip- in extensions should last 4-6 months to a year or longer.


For our Bohyme Top Pieces such as Closure and Crown Pieces, they should last 2-4 months with proper maintenance. Similar to weave sew-in, we recommend removing your top pieces installation every 2-3 months to let your natural hair relax for a period of time. Top pieces can be reuse if maintain properly.


For our Bohyme™ Wigs, it depends on how often the wig is worn. If it is worn everyday but with proper care, it can last up to a year. If it is worn not as often, it can last up to a few years.