How long can Bohyme™ Hair Extensions be worn?

Bohyme™ Hair Extensions can be worn anytime you are looking to add or enhance the length, volume, or overall appearance of your own hair. Bohyme™ Hair Extensions are safe and suitable for all individuals of all ages and genders. We offer temporary and semi-permanent solutions to meet your every need. 


Weave is one of the semi-permanent solution we offer. For our Bohyme™ Hand-Tied and Machine-Tied Weft, with proper cleaning and care, we recommend our customers to wear them in a 2-3 months duration. Since our weft can last much longer than 2-3 months if taken care of properly, you can reuse that same hair for a fresh install after relaxing your natural hair.

Similar to wefts, Bohyme™ Closure and Crown Pieces should be worn in 2-3 months duration and can be reuse for more than one installation.


Tape-In Hair Extension is another semi-permanent solutions Bohyme offers. Each installation can be worn for 4-8 weeks. Tape-In extension can be reuse for up to 5 times.


For Bohyme Pro Tip Hair Extensions, regardless which installation method, they can be worn for 4-5 months. If the pro tips are install with hot fusion method, you can only use the extensions once. If the pro tips are install with micro rings, you may ask your stylist to adjust the rings or reapply them for more than one installation.

Bohyme™ Clip-In Extensions is one of the most popular temporary hair extensions. Clip-In extensions can be worn daily, but we recommend taking your extensions off before going to bed to increase the longevity of the hair extensions.

For our Bohyme™ Wigs, it can be worn daily as well and we recommend not to wear your wig to sleep to avoid hair tangling, as well as to extend the longevity of your wig. 


note: divide installation methods into short term and long term, then provide additional link backs to dedicated installation methods page. eg. hand-tied, machine-tied -- that goes into further detail about pros and cons of each.