How can I purchase Bohyme™ Luxe Hair Extensions?

Our Bohyme™ Luxe Collection is exclusively available for purchase to stylists and salon professionals only with proof of a valid cosmetology license. If purchasing at a retail store location, please bring proof or a copy of your license to purchase. If purchasing online, please contact the specific online retailer to learn how to purchase Bohyme™ Luxe Hair Extensions through them.

If you are not a stylist or salon professional with a cosmetology license, but would like to have Bohyme™ Luxe Hair Extensions installed, just ask your stylist to purchase on your behalf at any of our store locations or online retailers that carry the Bohyme™ Luxe Collection.

* Please note that not all stores and/or retailers may carry the Bohyme™ Luxe Collection. We suggest contacting the specific store or retailer first to confirm stock and availability of the Bohyme™ Luxe Collection, as well as specific colors or lengths.