Do Bohyme hair extensions experience shedding and tangling?

Slight shedding and tangling is normal for all hair extensions. You may experience shedding differently base on which installation method, texture of the extensions, and hair product you use.

Please keep in mind that tighter curls and kinky curls will shed more than straight hair texture.

For weaves you install with any sew-in methods, your body chemistry can play a part in the shedding of your hair extensions too. More active people will experience faster break down of the bonds of your extensions, which will lead to shedding. You should use hair products that are free of animal proteins or sulfates. Proteins can bind with extensions and soften them, causing them to shed.

Micro Links will shed as micro rings can be bended and slip easily if they are not install securely. Make sure hair is clean and oil free before installation. Oil is a chemical that can break down the bond of your hair extensions which will lead to shedding.

As with any clip-in hair extensions, it will have some normal and expected hair-fallout, especially when you first receive and start using your hair extensions. You can minimize shedding/hair-fallout, by maintaining your hair extensions with great care, make sure to brush them before and after use.


As for tangling, just like your natural hair, hair extensions can and may tangle. Tangling can be cause by many reasons. Humid weather, using the wrong hair products, not enough maintenance, or using heat tools without heat protective products can cause tangling over time.


To minimize tangling you can start with brushing your hair extension 2-3 times with a detangling brush. Make sure any hair product you use is alcohol-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. These chemicals can dry out your hair extension which lead to tangling and matting. Make sure to use heat protective spray before styling with any heat tools. Develop a good night time routine. Brush your hair and put into a braid or a loose ponytail, you can also wear a silk cap before going to bed. Treat your hair extension like your own hair, maintenance is the key to have long lasting hair extension.