Bohyme™ or Bohyme™ Luxe? Which collection is right for me?

When determining which Bohyme™ collection is right for you, there are a few important reasons to consider. 

  1.  First determine the duration of how long you would like to wear extensions. Is it for a short term special event coming up? Or would you to wear for an extended period of time? 
  2. What kind of hair installation method you and your professional hair stylist would like to use. We offer Hand-tied wefts, Machine-tied wefts, Pro-Tips, Adhesive Strips (Tape-Ins), Clip-Ins, Skin Wefts, Bulk, Closures, and Wigs.
  3. Lastly, determine what kind of hair style that you would like to wear. Do you prefer straight hair, wavy, or curly hair textures? 


Our Bohyme™ line is our most versatile collection. We offer a wide range of installation methods and hair styles, ranging from wavy to curly to straight textures with many different color and length choices. We have over 16 different hair texture styles as well as over 30 colors for each choice which is perfect for anyone who is looking for instant length, volume or experimenting with colors. 


Compared to Bohyme™ Luxe

On the other hand, our Bohyme™ Luxe line is our most premium and professional line created exclusively for hair industry professionals. Each Bohyme™ Luxe Remi bundled extensions is sourced from a single donor for better consistency throughout the entire weft which deters issues such as tangling and shedding. Additionally, Bohyme™ Luxe goes through through meticulous care and craft at each step in the production stage. We carefully check for previous chemical processing such as bleaching that may have caused irreparable damage as well as split ends, gray hairs, or poor cuticle health. Lastly, Bohyme™ Luxe collection guarantees that each bundle of hair is voluminous from root to tip.  

Comparison of "fullness" of Bohyme Gold and Luxe.

Comparison of "fullness" of Bohyme Gold and Luxe.


Due to the extra care and commitment to Bohyme Luxe, this premium collection requires more professional knowledge in regards to installation and treatment which is why it is exclusively available to licensed stylists and salon professionals.